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Subchapter C: ATHLETICS (1270)


Subchapter C: ATHLETICS (1270)

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Section 1270: SOCCER PLAN

Rules in Sections 1200-1209 also apply to the Soccer Plan.
There shall be three divisions for high school boys and three divisions for high school girls, in Conferences 4A, 5A and 6A only.
There shall be no school soccer practices for a contestant or team before or after school from the first day of school until the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and after the date for certifying district representatives, except for teams that have not been eliminated in the playoffs. Refer to Official Calendar for practice and playing dates, and certification deadlines.

(1) Scrimmages. Schools shall not scrimmage prior to the date set forth by the UIL calendar, not to exceed two scrimmages per week, Monday through Saturday.  Scrimmages are subject to the one contest per school week limitation. 

(2) Number of Games Per Day. No high school team or contestant shall participate in more than two interschool soccer games per day, including tournament games. Exception: Contestants and teams may play three games in a one-day tournament scheduled on a Saturday.

(3) Total Number of Games. No team or student shall compete in more than three invitational tournaments plus 15 soccer games in a season, including all games prior to the first playoff game. This shall include non-district and district games and games played in pre-scheduled district tournaments. If the district champion has a bye for the first round of the play-offs, that school may schedule a warm-up game in addition to the game limits. This additional game shall be played on a non-school night with no loss of school time. Two games may be substituted in place of a tournament.

(4) Exception To Resolve District Ties.

(A) Two Schools Tied. To resolve a two-way tie, the District Executive Committee may authorize a single elimination game. The tie-breaking game may be in addition to the 15 allowed games provided only one other matched game is played that calendar week. It may not be played as an exception to the school week limitation.

(B) Three or More Schools Tied. If three or more schools are tied, the District Executive Committee may authorize a tournament provided only two matched games have been played that week, using the procedure in Section 1203. These tournament games may be played in addition to the total number of games and tournaments allowed for the season.

(5) Number of Games Per Week; Tournament Restrictions.

(A) Matched Games Only. No high school team or contestant shall participate in more than two matched games (as distinguished from tournaments) per calendar week.

(B) Week of an Invitational Tournament. No team or contestant shall participate in more than one matched game during the calendar week of an invitational tournament.

(C) Week of a District Tournament. No team or contestant shall participate in more than two matched games during the calendar week of a district tournament, including a district tournament authorized by the District Executive Committee to resolve a tie for district championship. To be considered a district tournament, at least three teams shall be assembled at one site for an elimination contest on consecutive days. Refer to Section 1203.

(D) Invitational Tournament Restriction. No team shall participate in an invitational soccer tournament held on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, except on school holidays. However, games in tournaments may be played after school on the last day of the school week prior to holidays.

(E) Exception for Rescheduled Games. District varsity soccer games postponed by weather or public disaster (not including illness) shall be rescheduled on the next date, other than Sunday, on which another district game is not scheduled. In the event weather or public disaster forces the makeup game to be rescheduled, it shall be rescheduled on the next date as described earlier. These makeup games may be played as exceptions to the school week and calendar week limitations. District varsity games that are postponed by weather or public disaster, and not played on the next available date, shall be rescheduled and played on a date determined by the District Executive Committee.

No girls’ team shall play in a game against a boys’ team and vice versa.
The District Executive Committee, in arranging a schedule within the district, shall determine the site of games in case of disagreement between the two teams.
The UIL office retains an annually determined percentage of gate receipts from the state soccer tournament.