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Number Sense

Elements of the Contest

The Number Sense Contest involves a ten-minute, 80 question mental math test covering all high school mathematics courses (See the sequence chart link in the right sidebar). Short cuts need to be developed and practiced in order to compete and finish the test.

Additional Information

Director's Comments: I make every attempt to minimize errors on the keys and make sure that the problems are valid and workable. However, with all of my efforts and the efforts of the person(s) proofing the tests, ERRORS HAPPEN. I will post any corrections to the past year’s tests and current year's tests along with any comments pertaining to errors or problem statements (See Test Corrections and Comments in the right sidebar). If anyone knows of any errors or thinks there are errors please email me so I can address them. If a constructive comment on a particular problem is sent to me I will address it and other items in the “Off on a Tangent” section of these postings. Your report of errors and constructive comments will assist me in making the tests better.