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Contest Managers

The Function of the Contest Manager- Like an umpire or referee in a sporting event, the Contest Manager serves as the official during a one-act play competition. The function of the Contest Manager is to fully organize the contest, but you are also responsible for administration and enforcement of all League rules at the contest site.

As the manager at any level in the One-Act Play Contest, you represent that level director and executive committee (district or regional) and the League. It is your responsibility to operate the contest in STRICT accordance with League rules and the OAP Handbook.


If you do not have one, Acquire a UTEID and Authorization 


“When do I start?”

For district/zone contests, find out if a planning meeting was held. They are scheduled between mid-August and November 1 of each school year. If the meeting has not been held, it is important that you attend.

Planning meetings for bi-district must be scheduled after State, Region and Area adjudicators are announced and no later than August 10th.

Sample Planning Meeting Agenda Available on OAP Handbook - A Guide for Contest Managers

Please send contest information for Bi-District

Bi-District, Area and Region packets may be sent to the State Theatre Office

For Area and Region there are no planning meetings


TTAO Contest Manager Certification Training - See TTAO Website for updates 

Report Technical problems to



TTAO Web-Based Tabulation System  Available for PC and Mac 

TTAO Web-Based Tabulation System Instructions - This pdf will provide step by step instructions.

UIL One-Act Play Tabulation Explained Video HERE (will redirect you to youtube)


Materials & Forms for Contest Managers and Meet Officials

DEADLINES 2022-2023

For Contest Managers & Meet Officials

Aug 15
First day to contact a single adjudicator or the first member of a panel for District or Zone contests
First day to draw performance order

Aug 31
Deadline to report bi-district information and adjudicators to state office

Nov 3
Deadline to hold director's planning meeting

Nov 6
First day to contact and contract the second and third members of a panel for zone and district contests

Feb 1
Deadline to set up district One-Act Play Meets in the Spring Meet Entry System
Deadline for executing judging contracts
Deadline for Contest Managers to certify online--This must be done annually

Mar 23
Deadline for certifying the results for district and bi-district contests