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February 29, 2024
CX Judge Paradigms Posted
February 21, 2024
Congratulations to B.L. Gray Junior High School UIL Students in Sharyland ISD!

Congratulations to these students, academic coaches, and administration for their great accomplishment at their district competition!

February 16, 2024
Good luck to all essay contest contestants!

Thank you to all students who submitted an essay for the Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition and Latino History Essay Competition. The finalists for these two events will be contacted by mid-April, and a list of these finalists will be posted on the UIL essay contest homepage. 

February 05, 2024
Fall 2023 Marching Band Rules Advisory Committee Agenda

Fall 2023 MB RAC Agenda

February 01, 2024
2024-26 Music alignment will be posted in the spring

Any updates to 2024-26 music alignment will be announced mid to late March.

February 01, 2024
2024-2026 Reclassification & Realignment Now Available!

The 2024-2026 Reclassification & Realignment is now available!

Football, Basketball and Volleyball alignments & the realignment packet can be found here.

Alignments for other events will be released as they become available (estimated Spring 2024).

January 29, 2024
UIL Essay Competition Deadline

The deadline to enter the essay competitions is February 14th, so make sure to submit your essay here. One essay could qualify you as a UIL state finalist!

January 05, 2024
Managing Your District Meet: For CX Meet Directors
December 15, 2023

January – May 2024 UIL Lincoln Douglas Debate Spring Topic now posted.

Resolved: On balance, the use of artificial intelligence in art, music, and literature is undesirable.

New breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are changing everything around us, including in the creative arts. The question raised by the Spring 2024 UIL Lincoln-Douglas debate topic is whether these changes are good or bad. Critics see many negative results: replacing human creativity with cheap imitations lacking soul or any understanding of the human experience; putting creative artists out of work; and lack of accountability for algorithmically stealing from the body of work done by great artists, musicians, and writers. Many of these issues were at the heart of the recent writers’ strike in Hollywood. But there are also many defenders who see AI as a tool that can be used to enhance human creativity. Creative artists who are embracing AI find that it makes their work more productive in several ways: it can automate mundane functions, promote brainstorming and help push through “writer’s block,” and serve as a research assistant. Ironically, the use of AI in the creative arts may actually increase the value – both artistically and financially – of works preserving the human touch. The 2024 Spring UIL Lincoln-Douglas topic offers an opportunity for debaters to explore these timely issues.

Rich Edwards, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication
Baylor University 

December 11, 2023
Dancing at Lughnasa removed from the UIL Approved Play Lists

DANCING AT LUGHNASA by Brian Friel has been removed from the list of UIL Approved Long Plays.

The agent has denied any cutting for this title. Schools can contact Dramatists Play Service with any questions.

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