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The UIL provides services to its member schools in the organization and administration of region and state championships in 14 sports. The athletics homepage is designed to provide information on all UIL sponsored sports.




Athletics News & Updates

February 01, 2024
2024-2026 Reclassification & Realignment Now Available!

The 2024-2026 Reclassification & Realignment is now available!

Alignments for all events can be found here.

November 09, 2023
Baseball Communication Device Approved

The use of a one-way communication device between a coach in the dugout and a team’s catcher for the purposes of calling pitches will be permitted in UIL high school baseball beginning this upcoming baseball season.  This change to Rules 1-6-2 and 3-2-5 was approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Committee.


2023-24 baseball rule changes can be found at,