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State Executive Committee

The State Executive Committee (SEC), appointed by the Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency, is composed of eight school administrators, representing each of the four geographical regions and each of the six conferences, and a minimum of four-at-large members. This committee interprets the rules, settles disputes between different UIL districts and disputes which arise past the district level, conducts investigations and hearings of alleged violations, and hears appeals.

Members of the 2021-2022 State Executive Committee

Mike Motheral, Sundown, Chair

Arturo Cavazos, Harlingen

James Colbert, Jr., Superintendent, Harris County Department of Education

Curtis Culwell, Garland

Johanna Denson, Austin, Vice Chair

Jodi Duron, Superintendent, Elgin ISD

Paul Galvan, Fort Worth

Gary Martel, Superintendent, Moody ISD

Glen Teal, Superintendent, Jim Ned ISD

Marshall Scott III, Superintendent, Bay City ISD

Carla Voelkel, Superintendent, Dickinson ISD

Daryl Wade, Houston