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State Executive Committee FAQ

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1. How often does the State Executive Committee meet?

The SEC meets approximately once each month during the school year (August – May).

2. Where are the State Executive Committee meetings held?

The location of each State Executive Committee meeting varies. All involved parties will receive information regarding the location of the meeting and the time of their case. Agendas are posted on the Secretary of State website as well as the UIL website seven (7) days prior to the meeting per the Open Meetings Act.

3. How do I appeal a District Executive Committee decision?

Please see the “Appeal Process” page for instructions. 

4. How does a State Executive Committee hearing work?

Please see the “Appeal Process” page for instructions.

5. Where do I send the appeal letter or documentation?

Please email the completed appeal letter or any documentation to Caroline Walls at You can also fax to 512-471-5908, Attn: Caroline Walls. Ms. Walls will confirm receipt via email.

6. Who can submit documentation for a District Executive Committee appeal?

The student-athlete’s family, representatives from the sending and receiving schools, and the District Executive Committee chair can submit any relevant documentation.

7. Do I have to pay a fee to appeal a District Executive Committee decision?

There is no fee to appeal a DEC decision.

8. Can I bring legal representation with me to the State Executive Committee meeting?

Parties may be represented by counsel but in a limited role as set out in Section 100, Appeals, of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules. 

9. Can I appeal a State Executive Committee decision?

No, the State Executive Committee is the last step in the UIL appeals process and there is no further appeal available.

10. Who do I call with questions?

If you are interested in appealing a DEC decision or coach ejection, or already have an appeal on file, you can contact Caroline Walls ( or Darryl Beasley ( with questions or concerns. If you have questions about your student-athlete’s eligibility following an SEC ruling, please contact your high school athletic director or administration.