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Overview of PML Submission Process

Call for UIL Large Ensemble Submissions

The University Interscholastic League accepts new large ensemble submissions for inclusion in the UIL Prescribed Music List from September 1 through December 1.

The submission portal for the 2020-2021 school year is now closed. The submission portal will reopen in Fall of 2021.

This document serves as the repertoire guide for the approximately 500,000 music students and 3,800 performing organizations in the state of Texas.  You can view the current PML at:

The selection committees welcome the opportunity to review any current year releases for concert band, choir, string and full orchestra. Music published prior to the current year will not be considered unless it has not been recently submitted. Additions to the list will appear in the PML in the fall of the year following consideration.

As part of a Diversity Initiative in music literature, the UIL encourages the submission of works from underrepresented composer groups and/or cultures. The University Interscholastic League (UIL) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs.

Publishers are requested to use the following procedures for submissions:

Concert Music for Band, Choir, and Orchestra

Large ensemble concert music will be submitted electronically. The following link will take you to the portal where you can submit a pdf of scores plus a link to online recordings. If no recording link is available you will have the option of submitting an mp3 with the score.

Go to: and follow the steps prescribed on the submission page. 
(Submissions link will be active beginning September 1st.)

The following requirements will be in effect for all submissions.

  1. Scores must be engraved, camera ready and available for distribution.
  2. Recordings must be actual performances. No midi files will be reviewed.

Access to the submissions will be password protected and only available to UIL staff and committee members.

Solo & Small Ensemble Review Schedule

Solos & small ensembles will be reviewed on the following schedule:

Review Events Implementation
2018 - 2019 Wind Class 1 Small Ensembles, All Vocal Ensembles  2019 - 2020
2019-2020 All String/Piano Solos, Wind Class 2 & 3 Small Ensembles 2020 - 2021
2020-2021 All String Small Ensembles, All Wind Solos 2021 - 2022
2021 - 2022 All Vocal Solos 2022 - 2023

All percussion solos and ensembles will continue being reviewed every 3 years; next review in 2023.
Dr. Brian Zator, Texas A&M - Commerce, chair

Committees will be established for the specific purpose of updating solo & small ensemble literature. These members will accept outside input until March 1 of the implementation year by contacting them directly.

2020-2021 Solo & Small Ensemble Committee Members

  1. Piccolo (201); Flute (202) Dr. Pam Youngblood, Dept. Chair, Texas Woman’s Univ. -
  2. Oboe (203); English Horn (204) Erica Casanova, Assistant Director, Hanna HS  -
  3. Bassoon (205); Contra-Bassoon (215) Gina Moore, Private Teacher/Diversity Advocate, DFW -
  4. Eb Clarinet (206); Bb Clarinet (207) Suzanne Ray, Assistant Director, Longview ISD  -
  5. Alto Clarinet (208); Bass Clarinet (209); Contra Bass Clarinet (210) Jill Yancey, Consultant, Houston -
  6. Soprano Sax (211); Alto Sax (212) Mark Smith, Private Teacher, DFW  -
  7. Tenor Sax (213); Bari Sax (214) Kara Phillips, Band Director, Vidor HS  -
  8. Trumpet (301) Kenny Capshaw, Director of Jazz Bands, UTEP  -
  9. Horn (302) Don Summersgill, Band Director, Shallowater HS  -
  10. Trombone (303) Joe Dixon, Private Teacher, San Antonio  -
  11. Bass Trombone (306) Jon Bohls, Private Teacher, DFW  -
  12. Euphonium (304) Kevin Fenske, Private Teacher, Austin  -
  13. Tuba (305) Adrian Martinez, Assistant Director, Pace HS  -
  14. Piano Trio (430) Erin Tovar, Director, McAllen HS  -
  15. Violin Trio (431) Dawn Herron, Director, Kleb Intermediate, Klein ISD  -
  16. String Trio (432) Kathy Patterson, Director, Shackelford JH, Arlington ISD  -
  17. Miscellaneous String Trio (433) Mike Wells, Consultant  -
  18. Guitar Trio (434); Guitar Quartet (444) Dr. David Asbury, Southwestern University -
  19. Violin Quartet (441) Bryanna Porter, Director, Tays Intermediate, Katy ISD -
  20. String Quartet (442) Jeff Harvick, Director, McKinney HS -
  21. Miscellaneous String Quartet (443) Beau Garza, Director, Midland Lee HS -
  22. String Quintet (450)  Jimmy Edwards, Consultant -
  23. Miscellaneous String Quintets (451) Andy Moritz, freelance teacher, Houston -
  24. Miscellaneous String Ensembles (460) Gene Williams, Retired Teacher/Composer -
  25. Cello Choir (470) Ida Steadman, Retired, St. Clements School, El Paso -


Additional Information

Please contact the UIL State Music Office at if you have any questions or require additional clarification.