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The League's One-Act Play Contest, founded in 1927, is the largest high school play production contest or play festival in the world. More than 14,000 Texas high school students in more than 1,200 plays participate in 300 plus contests, which take place from the beginning of March through the three-day, 40-production State Meet One-Act Play Contest. The One-Act Play Contest is supported by more than 300 members of the Texas Theatre Adjudicator and Officials Organization. The League's theatre program is considered by historians to be the foundation of educational and community theatre in Texas. It continues to be a major factor motivating increasing numbers of schools to offer theatre arts as an academic subject.

The UIL One-Act Play contest is a competition where similarly sized Texas schools present an 18-40 minute play and may be adjudicated by a panel of three judges or a single judge. The contest is held on a single day and open to the public. There are six possible levels of competition: Zone, District, Bi-Distrct, Area, Region, and State. At each level of competition a judge awards individual acting awards as well as selecting three productions to advance to the next level of competition up to the Regional Level where only two will advance to the State Level. After the awards are announced a Judge gives an oral critique to each of the schools. Because of the wide participation and diversity of plays produced certain rules and guidelines have been adopted by the State One-Act Play Office. These rules are in place to ensure safety, allow for equity, satisfy legal standards, and make the running of the contest practical.

Theatre & Film — News & Updates

October 18, 2021
2021 October Legislative Council Meeting

October 17-18, 2021
The 81st annual meeting of the Legislative Council of the University Interscholastic League was held on October 17 & 18, 2021 at the Sheraton Austin Georgetown. The Sunday Public Forum and Monday General Session were live streamed courtesy of the NFHS Network.

Legislative Council General Session Packet

Meeting Schedule:

October 17th:
8AM - Legislative Council Public Forum – Live StreamAgenda
-Academic Standing Committee – Agenda
-Music Standing Committee – Agenda
-Athletics Standing Committee – Agenda
10:30AM - Policy Standing Committee – Agenda

October 18th:
9AM - Legislative Council General Session - Live Stream | Agenda

August 18, 2021
2022- OAP Clinic/Festival Study

As part of a study to determine the future of UIL one act play festivals/critiques, we will extend the following modifications for the coming school year ( 2021-2022).  

The minimum number of schools at a host site is not required. 

A school may bring a critic to their home campus. 

A school’s session may not exceed more than 2 hours this includes the performance of the contest entry and critique. 

All participating schools MUST submit a Festival/Clinic Form to state office that includes name of school and clinician’s name. Form will be found on the UIL Resources and Forms page. (coming soon)

August 18, 2021
UIL Study on Critiques 2021-2022

Critiques in UIL One-Act Play for 2021-2022  As part of an official study to determine the future of scheduling critiques, additional options will be available at early levels of competition, Zone, District and Bi-District ONLY, this contest year. 

April 18, 2021
2021 OAP State Performance Order

STATE OAP Performance Order (by witnessed random draw) 

April 28 and 29  2A, 3A, 4A Performance Order  

April 30 and May 1 1A, 5A, 6A Performance Order

January 06, 2021

Deadline to submit Film contest entry HAS BEEN EXTENDED.

New deadline to submit Film Contest entries is Friday, February 5, 2021. See Film Handbook for contest details. 

Latest Theatre Articles from The Leaguer

Play submission for
Plays NOT on the
Approved List
DEC 10, 2021
One-Act Play
to the 
Approved Plays List
Judging Assignments 
One-Act Play 
One-Act Play High School Handbook
for 2020-2021

*2021-2022 Handbook coming soon
A+ Junior High / Middle School
One-Act Play Handbook
for 2020-2021

*2021-2022 Handbook coming soon
Spring Meet Entry System

DEADLINES 2021-2022

For High School Play Directors

Oct 1  
Deadline to enroll your high school campus for OAP participation via the UIL Spring Meet Entry System.

Nov 4
Deadline to hold director's planning meeting

Nov 19
Last day for double representation notification to the League. This only applies when one school plans to compete with two plays--which is only an option when less than three schools are entered in the district contest.

Dec 10
Deadline for requesting permission to produce plays not on the approved lists and scenic elements that are are not permissible under contest rules and are “without which the approved play cannot be produced.”

Feb 10
Deadline for registering your play title in the UIL Spring Meet Entry System

At least TEN calendar days before your first contest
Deadline for Contestant Entry, play and set information and additional directors to be entered via the UIL Spring Meet Entry System and the Contestant Entry Form (aka Machform. Both systems open 2/1) Note: Some Contest Directors set a contestant entry deadline earlier than the ten calendar days.

DEADLINES 2021-2022

For Contest Managers & Meet Officials

Aug 12
First day to contact a single adjudicator or the first member of a panel for District or Zone contests
First day to draw performance order

Aug 31
Deadline to report bi-district information and adjudicators to state office

Nov 4
Deadline to hold director's planning meeting

Nov 7
First day to contact and contract the second and third members of a panel for zone and district contests

Feb 1
Deadline to set up district One-Act Play Meets in the Spring Meet Entry System
Deadline for executing judging contracts
Deadline for Contest Managers to certify online--This must be done annually

Mar 24
Deadline for certifying the results for district and bi-district contests