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UIL Portal

If you are having any issues with your account, please contact UIL Portal Customer Support at or 435-213-1601.

2022-2023 CCP Modules are now available. 


The new online system is powered by Sportsline Software and offers user-friendly access and improved school administrative functions.

Users can click below to log in to the UIL Portal. If you have an existing account and are changing jobs / schools, please do not create a new account. Utilize the ‘transfer account’ process that is available in the Portal once you log in to your existing account.

Login to the UIL Portal


UIL Portal Instructions

Instructions for Superintendents  

Instructions for Administrators  

Instructions For Coaches to Complete CCP Training


Transferring Schools/Districts

Transferring School Instructions - Step by step guide to transferring schools to a new ISD or to a different school within the same ISD. . 


Updated User Interface

Updated User Interface Guide- Helpful guide for the new user interface


Managing Roles:

Managing User Roles - Instructions for Administrators to manage users and their roles.

DEC Chair Instructions - Instructions on how to assign your DEC Chair role in the UIL Portal

DEC Member Instructions - Instructions on how to assign your DEC member role in the UIL Portal


PAPF/ Waiver Instructions:

PAPF Walkthrough - Detailed instructions of the complete PAPF process in the UIL Portal admin.

Waivers Walkthrough - Instructions for Coordinators to submit a waiver for review.



Varsity Sports Eligibility - Instructions for Coaches to complete the Varsity Sport Eligibility Form and submit for review.

Submitting Forms - Instructions on how to submit forms like the Catastrophic Injury Report Form or the AED Use Reporting Form