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Waiver Review Board

The Waiver Review Board consists of twelve persons, whose terms begin on July 1. After consulting the chair of the State Executive Committee, the chair of the Legislative Council shall appoint four members to serve for one (1) year. The selection of appointed members shall reflect a sensitivity to ethnicity, gender and student population size of districts. A member of the Legislative Council is not eligible to serve on the Waiver Review Board. Each of the six conferences shall elect a member of the board, who shall serve for four (4) years. The election shall be conducted in the manner specified in Section 25 for election of members of the Legislative Council.

Members of the 2022-2023 Waiver Review Board

Conf.   Term       Member

1A 2026: Zach Morris, Superintendent of Aspermont ISD

2A 2024: Martin Brumit, Superintendent, Kerens ISD

3A 2025: Robert O’Connor, Superintendent, Edna ISD

4A 2026: Kyle Lynch, Superintendent of Seminole ISD

5A 2023: Joey Light, Superintendent, Abilene Wylie ISD

6A 2023: Ginger Carrabine, Superintendent of Bryan ISD

Appointed 2022: Jimmy Thomas, Lubbock (Chair)

Appointed 2022: Dr. Creslond Fannin, Austin ISD, Executive Director of ECHS & PTECH

Appointed 2022: Leslie Slovak, Athletic Director, Richardson ISD (Vice Chair)

Appointed 2022: Gary Bates, Superintendent, Fort Sam Houston ISD

Appointed 2022: Lisa Langston, Director of Athletics, Fort Worth ISD

Appointed 2022: Silvia Salinas, Executive Director of Athletics, Dallas ISD