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Subchapter A: ACADEMICS (948)





(1) Purpose. The Ready Writing Contest builds students’ skills and helps refine writing abilities through writing expository compositions, which explain, prove or explore a topic in a balanced way, allowing the argument and the evidence given to be the deciding factor in the paper.

(2) Format. This contest gives contestants a choice between two prompts, each an excerpt from literature, publications (past and present), or speeches from which to write an expository composition.

(3) Use of Computers. If contestants choose to use their own laptop/computers, they shall bring a portable printer, associated hardware, software and paper. Spell check, thesaurus and dictionary functions may be used if available on the computers. Students who opt to compose their entries on computers accept the risk of computer malfunction. In case of computer malfunction, the contestant may use the remaining allotted time to complete the composition in hand writing or compose on another computer (if available). When printing the contest on an electronic printer, the print command shall be started by the time contest time expires. Once time has expired, participants and coaches shall not disconnect or connect computer equipment or enter new commands in an effort to print the entry. District or regional host sites may provide computers for contestants but are not expected to make those provisions. Computers will not be provided at state, but contestants by use their own laptops and portable printers.

(4) Writing By Hand. Contestants who are handwriting their compositions shall use their own standard 8 1/2 x 11-inch ruled white notebook paper or typing paper or the paper provided by the host school. Contestants shall write or print the composition in ink and on only one side of the paper.

(5) Thesaurus and Dictionary. Contestants may use a printed thesaurus and dictionary or may use spell check, dictionary and thesaurus functions of a laptop during the contest. No other resource materials may be used during the contest.


(1) Individual Competition. Each member high school may enter as many as three individuals in the district meet.

(2) Team Competition. There is no team competition in this event.

Individuals qualify for the next level of competition according to Section 902.
(c) TIES.
There can be no ties in this contest. Judges shall rank papers in order of their excellence through sixth place.