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Archives of The Leaguer from 2002 to October 2008 are available in PDF format.

Statement of Purpose

The Leaguer is the official publication of the University Interscholastic League. The Leaguer is designed for Texas public school administrators, contest directors, coaches and sponsors, the media and for other interested parties.

The UIL office is located at 1701 Manor Rd., Austin, TX 78722 (512/471-5883). Letters and inquiries should be sent to jacton@uiltexas.org.


  • Editor - Charles Breithaupt
  • Managing Editor - Jeanne Acton
  • Webmaster - Kevin Johnson
  • Multimedia Staff - Chris Schmidt

Administrative Staff

  • Dr. Charles Breithaupt, director
  • Jamey Harrison, deputy director
  • Kim Carmichael, chief of staff
  • Mark Cousins, director of athletics
  • David Stevens, director of academics
  • Bradley Kent, director of music
  • Jeanne Acton, assistant academic director
  • Daryl Beasley, athletic coordinator
  • Peter Contreras, athletic coordinator
  • Kevin Johnson, technology director
  • Luis Muñoz, theatre director
  • Traci Neely, athletic coordinator
  • Jana Riggins, assistant academic director
  • Ed Stidham, compliance director
  • David Trussell, assistant academic director
  • Eddie Wolski, waiver officer
1701 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78722
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