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A+ Number Sense

Materials are created for two divisions: grades 4-6 and 7/8.

General Contest Information

Individuals are called upon every day to use their ability to make quick mental calculations to make decisions. The development of such abilities should be an integral part of the math curriculum. Concepts covered include, but are not limited to: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proportions, and use of mathematic notation.

Students will be given a 10-minute, fill-in-the-blank test which they must complete without doing calculations on paper or on a calculator. Erasures and mark-outs are not permitted.

The handbook, Developing Middle School Number Sense Skills, is available. It is the same edition first published in 1996.

Contact the contest director, Andy Zapata.

Download the A+ Number Sense Problem Sequencing Chart - revised 2016-2017


  • +5 for each correct response
  • -4 for each incorrect response and for each problem skipped
  • No deduction is taken for problems after the last problem attempted