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State Military Class Marching Band Contest

State Military Class Marching Band Contest

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2024 1A/2A and 4A Contests: October 29: Location TBD 

Session 1: Tuesday, October 29: 1A/2A Prelims (morning) and 4A Prelims (afternoon)
Session 2: Tuesday, October 29: 1A/2A Finals and 4A Finals (evening)

2024 3A and 5A/6A Contests: October 30: Location TBD

Session 1: Wednesday, October 30 : 3A Prelims (morning) and 5A/6A Prelims (afternoon)
Session 2: Wednesday, October 30:  3A Finals and 5A/6A Finals (evening)

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For more information contact NAMMB


For more information contact NAMMB


Jolesch Enterprises has contracted with UIL to provide photography for the event. To access the Jolesch Enterprises site for photos of the event, please click here.

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For more information contact NAMMB



Future Dates

October 28, 2025: 3A & 5A/6A Contests (site tbd)
October 29, 2025: 1A/2A & 4A Contests (site tbd)

October 27, 2026: 1A/2A & 4A Contests (site tbd)
October 28, 2026: 3A & 5A/6A Contests (site tbd)

October 26, 2027: 3A & 5A/6A Contests (site tbd)
October 27, 2027: 1A/2A & 4A Contests (site tbd)

October 24, 2028: 1A/2A & 4A Contests (site tbd)
October 25, 2028: 3A & 5A/6A Contests (site tbd)


2023 State Program

MIlitary Class SMBC registration

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