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Deadlines, Eligibility and Accommodations



Required items (i.e. late contestant entry, late title entry, missing set approval, etc.) submitted after the deadline require a majority consent of the appropriate executive committee or the meet director, if authorized, in order to be accepted. A letter, signed by the school’s administrator, certifying the fact that the appropriate executive committee or the meet director has approved the late entry shall be submitted to the Contest Manager and State Theatre Director prior to the beginning of the contest.

The Contest Structure

Participation and Eligibility

  • Each member high school may enter a single play.
  • If less than three schools are competing in the district to which a school is assigned, a school may enter two plays. This is called "Double Representation." (Contact the State Office by the November 15 deadline.)
  • Only high school students eligible under the UIL Constitution may participate. There is no amateur rule for this contest. Students may work as paid professionals in theatre or film, summer stock, television commercials, etc. and still participate in OAP.

Exception for 1A Only: Students in Grade 8 from middle or junior high schools feeding into a 1A high school may participate in One-Act Play at the high school level and ONLY when the play would be withdrawn from competition due to lack of student interest or eligibility. (See RESOURCES AND FORMS Appeal to use an 8th Grader)

Student Company Size

NOTICE: The competing OAP Company may include a maximum of 24 students and may include the following:

  1. The OAP Company rule allows the director to determine how they want to use those company members. The competing OAP Company may include a maximum of 24 students and may include the following: 

    a maximum of 20 members as cast and tech/crew AND  a maximum of 4 alternates. 

    Students will be listed as either Cast or Tech or Alternate in the Online Entry System. 

    Students assigned as crew may not serve as performers. 

    Performers may still perform crew duties backstage such as backstage sound effects, curtain, offstage lights…. 

    Each PERFORMER may play multiple roles. 

     Offstage Voices

    Offstage voices that do not appear on stage may be recorded by anyone. Offstage voices that do not appear on stage may be amplified or spoken live offstage by a crew member or a performer who plays an onstage role. Offstage voices that do not appear on stage are not eligible for any acting awards and shall not be listed in the Online Entry System or program.

Special Needs Accommodations or Modifications

UIL Staff members will consider accommodations or modifications for students with special needs on an individual basis. The procedures can be found on our website.  

Table of Contents

  • Notice of Non-Discrmination
  • Theatre Constitution and Contest Rules
    • Section 1033: One-Act Play Contest
    • Section 1034: One-Act Play Contest Ethics Code
    • Section 1035: Theatrical Design Contest
    • Section 1036: Film
  • Official UIL Calendar
  • Deadlines, Eligibility and Accommodations
    • The Contest Structure
    • Student Company Size
    • Special Needs Accommodations or Modifications
  • Guide for Directors: The Contest
    • Contest Structure
    • The Contest
    • Contest Administration
    • Contest Entry Procedures
    • The Contest Play
    • Aid in Directing
    • Cast and Crew Assignments
    • Rehearsals
    • Extracurricular Defined
  • Guide for Directors: The Contest Site
    • The Contest Site
    •  The Unit Set, Doors and Windows
    • Scenic Elements and Properties
    • Special Issues Regarding Properties
    • Music and Sound Issues
    • Properties Allowed with Size or Quantity Restrictions
    • At the Contest
    • The Performance
    • Academic Team Points / Advancing / Evaluating Your Adjudicator and Contest Manager
  • Guide for Adjudicators
    • The Function of the Adjudicator
    • Adjudicator Qualifications
    • TTAO's Code of Ethics and Professional Standards
    • Pre-Contest Procedures
    • Contest Procedures
    • Working Conditions for the Adjudicator
    • Judging the Play
    • Emergency Judge Replacement Procedures
    • Selection of the Acting Awards
    • Oral Critique Instructions for the Adjudicator
    • Evaluation Form Instructions for Adjudicators
    • Useful Glossary of Theatre Terms
    • Panel Judging Procedures
  • Guide for Contest Managers: The Contest
    • Meet Authorization
    • Contest Manager Certification through TTAO
    • The Function of the Contest Manager
    • Procedures: Planning Meeting (Zone and District)
    • Bi-District Procedures
    • The Planning Meeting
    • Bi-District, Area and Region Early Planning
    • TTAO Connect - Contracting Contest Officials
    • Post Planning Meeting To-Do Checklist
    • While You Wait Until February
    • Procedures by February 1st
    • Downloading School Information (9 Days Prior to Contest)
    • UIL OAP Contest Site Crew: Job Descriptions
    • Timekeeper Instructions
    • What should I look for when I get the School Contestant Entry Form?
    • To-Do List 3 Days Prior to Rehearsals
  • Guide for Contest Managers: The Contest Site
    • ​Lighting at the Contest Site
    • Sound, Storage and Dressing Rooms
    • Rules Regarding Official Rehearsals
    • Procedures: Official Rehearsals
    • To-Do List Contest Day
    • The Contest Manager's Toolbox
    • Procedures: Before the Contest
    • To-Do: Contest Day When They Arrive
    • Suggested Agenda
    • Performances: Rules Related to Set and Strike
    • Starting and Stopping a Performance
    • Before Each Play Performance
    • Rules Related to Announcements and the 60 Second Rule
    • Rules Related to Performance
    • Rules Regarding Violations
    • Procedures: Violations
    • Emergency Judge Replacement Situations
    • Procedures: Conclusion of the Contest
    • Procedures: Awards Ceremony and Critique
    • Procedures: After the Contest
    • Panel Judging Procedures
    • OAP Points for District, Region and State 
    • TTAO OAP Tabulation Tool