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State Champions

Softball Post Season Information


Post Season

Playoff Information

Certification of District Representatives
The last dates for certifying the district champions to the League office is April 25, 2023.  It is mandatory that the District Chair certifies the district representatives through the UIL Portal, Softball District Certification Instructions.

UIL Playoff Reporting - Teams Advancing
Starting with bi-district results, coaches are required to submit playoff results immediately following their contest. The winning school should submit playoff game results and next-round information via MaxPreps through the assigned coach/admin account. The score reported by a coach on a team’s page will automatically fill in the bracket.

The completeness of the data presented on the UIL Texas Scoreboard will be dependent upon the participation of schools and coaches.  For more information, please see

Bi-District Match-Ups
Once all DEC Chairs have submitted final district standings, bi-district playoff matchups will automatically be created and appear on the bracket once UIL publishes the bracket. Please do not create your bi-district match-up in your MaxPreps account. Once you do see the match-up on your schedule in MaxPreps, please add game details (date, time & location.).


  • Details of all playoff games from bi-district to state shall be arranged by the two teams involved. This includes site selection. In case there is a dispute regarding a neutral or home site or time of a game, it shall be settled by the flip of a coin (Note: Unless mutually agreed, all games shall be played at a midpoint site for schools located more than 100 miles apart and neutral sites cannot be more than two-thirds the total distance between the two schools.
  • Bi-district games may not be played until after the final date for district certification in that respective conference unless permission is granted by all possible Area round opponents. All other playoff games may not be played until after the final date for completion of the prior round championships.
  • After the bi-district round, playoff games shall not be played before Thursday of that week unless by mutual consent of both schools (ie. to play Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday both coaches would both have to agree, all other days can be determined by a coin flip).
  • In a series, the first and second games may be played prior to Friday (ie. game 1 Wednesday (w/ mutual consent) and game 2 Thursday OR a doubleheader on Wednesday (w/ mutual consent) OR a doubleheader on Thursday). Game 3, if necessary could not be played until after the end of instruction on Friday or anytime on Saturday.
  • National Federation Rules will be followed for all playoff games.
  • All games will be played to completion of seven innings.
  • In all playoff games, suspended games shall be continued at the point of suspension.
  • The 10-run rule is enforced in all playoff games.
  • Per state law, postseason contests cannot be played on a day when a primary assessment (STAAR or STAAR EOC) is given. Teams must not schedule a contest, they have to wait the day after testing ends.
  • Postseason contests have an exception to the school week limitation.

Team Information & Pictures
Teams winning the regional quarterfinal game must submit the following materials to the UIL no later than Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

All playoff arrangements between two schools should be made in writing and signed to protect both parties.

Sites for all rounds of playoffs prior to the state tournament are to be selected by the teams involved. See Section 1208 (o)(p) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules.  If schools cannot agree, they must flip a coin.

  • Neutral Sites:  A site mid-point or near mid-point, or a site agreed on by both schools as neutral, is a neutral site.  Unless mutually agreeable, a site cannot be neutral if its distance from either school is more than two-thirds the total distance between the schools.
  • Home Sites:  When two schools flip for two separate sites other than their home field or court, the sites are considered home sites unless both sites are near mid-point.
  • Mid-Point Sites:  Unless mutually agreed otherwise, post-district contests in the team sports of baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, team tennis, and volleyball shall be a mid-point site for schools located more than 100 miles apart.

Warm-Up Games
Teams that have advanced to the playoffs may schedule a warm-up game after the District Certification Date that is set by the UIL calendar and before their first playoff game if a team has not reached their allowable season limit.  School week limitations still apply. Note: Prior to district certification, games left in your allowable season limit may be scheduled like any other regular-season game. 
Exception: Warm-up games for teams who have exhausted their season limit are given a UIL exception under the following conditions:

  • Teams that are district champions AND have a first-round bye.
  • The one game exception can be played only at the end of your school day on Friday, the last day of instruction (with no loss of school time), or anytime on Saturday.

Police Protection
Adequate police protection should be provided for all playoff games, whether the game is played at a neutral site or on the home court of one of the teams.

In all conferences at all playoff levels, except regional tournaments and state tournaments, officials are to be obtained by the two schools involved.  If neutral officials are requested through UIL, the home team must make the request.  Schools must go to the UIL website to request officials online at

State Tournament

Sites and Dates
Red and Charline McCombs Field, 2001 Comal St. Austin, TX 78722; May 30-June 3, 2023.

Pairings for the Tournament
Teams will be placed in the bracket according to their win/loss record.  The two best records will be placed in opposite halves, and the third-best record will be placed up or down as determined by a coin flip.

State Ball
The official game ball for the State Softball Tournament will be the Baden Perfection Game Softball (2BSFPY).

Lodging Instructions
Schools will be responsible for securing their own lodging. UIL will provide schools with a list of hotels in the area.

Each school is responsible for paying its own tournament expenses.

State Qualifier Handbook
For those schools who qualify for the State Tournament, the UIL will send out the State Qualifier Handbook which will contain more detailed information regarding the State Tournament.