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District Certification Instructions

District Certification Instructions

District chairs will be submitting directly to MaxPreps via the UIL Portal.  Once district certifications are submitted, the online brackets will auto-populate with the teams from your district. 

You must complete these steps on a computer, NOT on a phone. If you try to complete these steps on a phone, you will get an "out of bounds error" message on MaxPreps when you click the link. 

Before certifying your district you must have 2 items. We would advise that you make sure you have both of these items set up BEFORE you attempt to certify your district:

1. Designated DEC Chair Role - You must be designated as a DEC Chair role in the UIL Online Portal. If you do not have the role of DEC chair in the UIL Portal, the option to certify will not appear on your homepage. Only those with a DEC Chair role in the UIL Online Portal can certify districts. Instructions to add the role and the district you are Chair of can be found here.

2. MaxPreps Account - You will need a MaxPreps account. Once logged into the UIL Portal, you will be asked to log into MaxPreps to complete the process. There are 3 options to accomplish this:

  • If you currently have a MaxPreps account, you will use that to log in 

  • If you do not have a MaxPreps account, you can create one before certifying. Your MaxPreps account does not need to be linked to any school to complete the certification, however you will be asked to log in. If you don't have an account, it will prompt you to create one at the time of certification. Please remember your MaxPreps account log in for future district certifications. 

  • If you do not have a MaxPreps account and you do not wish to create one, you may use a generic log in that we will provide to you once logged into the portal. The generic log in will be provided to you in the portal once you begin the certification process. 

To certify your district: 

(Walkthrough with Images)

1A/2A Softball and Baseball District Chairs

For 1A/2A Softball and Baseball district certification, you will need to submit your form twice. Once for your 1A district representatives and again for your 2A district representatives. Once you hit save on your first submission in MaxPreps, you will need to return to the UIL Portal and go through the steps again to submit your second submission. Failure to start from the beginning could result in schools appearing on the wrong conference bracket. 

Step 1: Log into your UIL Portal Account 

Step 2: Click on Home

Step 3: Under My Account Options on the right side, click MaxPreps League Partnership.

  • This will only appear if you have the role of DEC Chair in the Portal
  • If this option does not appear AND you can see the DEC Chair role under your current roles, go up to the top drop down box and change your location from the ISD to the HS. The drop down box must be on the location that you put your DEC chair role on. 

Step 4: Select the Sport, Classification, Region and District you will be certifying. Click Get My League Link

You MUST select the correct conference, region, district (and division for football), for the specific sport you are certifying. Putting in an incorrect combination of these items will cause you to receive an error stating no results found. Especially for football, with the division breaks for 1A through 5A, your region and district number will be different than the other region and districts your school is in for other activities. If needed, please reference the posted alignments for the correct conference, region, district and division number on our website here.

Step 5: Under "Here are the relevant link(s) for your search" you should see your district appear. Click on the search result. If you do not have a MaxPreps account, login details will be provided that you can use. 

You will be redirected to the MaxPreps website. 

Step 6: Sign in to your MaxPreps account. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create an account, or use the login details provided in the UIL Portal. 

Step 7: Ensure the Conference, Region and District shown at the top of your screen is correct.

Step 5: Enter the names of each school in rank order of the district finish. Please note: As a part of the new process for district certification, district records are not required. MaxPreps will have team records indicated, however those records are only as accurate as the team’s MaxPreps profile. Teams can update schedules and records through their team profile in MaxPreps.  You will still be able to certify the district if the records are not accurate and records will not display on the MaxPreps bracket.

Step 6: Hit Save

You can verify your submission was successful by checking the brackets on the UIL website. It could take up to 15 minutes for the system to refresh after a district is submitted to appear on the bracket. 

When completed and the information is saved, the teams will automatically populate in the bracket. 

The system will close and lock after the posted district certification deadline for each activity. You will not be able to enter and submit your district certification teams after the deadline. Once the system locks, it will not allow you to submit. If you do not submit your district certification by the posted deadline, you must email UIL staff with your district results to manually enter on the brackets.