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Subchapter J


UIL Notice of Non-Discrimination


Failure to comply with the provisions of this subchapter constitutes an act or omission that is a violation of the Constitution. Except as provided for below, no student otherwise eligible under Subchapter M of the Constitution shall be denied, because of disability, race, color, gender, religion or national origin, the equal opportunity to try out for and, if selected, participate in the Academic, Music, and Athletic Plan contests offered by the member school districts.

(a) Member schools may not permit boys to try out for, or participate under the Jr. High School or High School Athletic Plans designated for girl’s teams.

(b) Member schools that offer Cross Country, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field and/or Wrestling individual athletic plans may not permit mixed plans for boys and girls in those activities.

(c) Member schools offering mixed or coed Team Tennis in which the game rules designate a certain number of team participants from each gender, may not permit boys to qualify for girls’ positions on the mixed teams nor permit girls to qualify for boys’ positions on the mixed teams.

(d) Girls may try out for, and if selected, participate on the corresponding boys’ team if the member school does not offer a corresponding girls’ plan for basketball, and/or soccer. Otherwise, a member school that offers any of these plans may not permit boys to participate on the girls’ teams, nor girls to participate on boys’ teams in these activities. UIL considers the following to be corresponding sport athletic plans: boys and girls basketball; boys and girls soccer.

(e) Girls may try out for and, if selected, participate in the Junior High School or the High School Football Plan.

(f) Girls may try out for and, if selected, participate in the Junior High School or High School Baseball Plan, however, girls shall not participate in both baseball and girls’ softball at the same time.

(g) Boys may not wrestle against girls, and vice versa. This prohibition is only applicable when the contest is held in Texas or in any other state that sponsors wrestling programs for both boys and girls.

(h) Gender shall be determined based on a student’s birth certificate as outlined in Section 33.0834 of the Texas Education Code. In cases where a student’s birth certificate is unavailable, other similar government documents used for the purpose of identification may be substituted.


(Sections 361-379 and Subchapter K reserved for expansion.)