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OAP Updates and Notices

By Luis Muñoz, Theatre Director | Monday, April 06, 2015 1:48 PM

Correction to Page 101 of the Handbook

In the case of an unbreakable tie, the Contest manager shall determine the advancing schools by using the “Acting Judge’s” ballot. The higher ranking school on the acting judge’s ballot shall advance or be given the higher rank. The points for the tied schools are combined and divided equally. For example, if two schools are tied for the third advancing position, the points for advancing (15) and alternate (10) are combined (25) and divided between the two schools. Each one gets 12.5 points. The Spring Meet System cannot do this. The change will need to be done manually by the Academic Chair when determining the points. As of April 2, 2015, all Contest Managers have been asked to consult with the State Theatre Director when dealing with unbreakable ties.

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Spring Meet Hot Topics

By Dr. David Stevens, Academic Director | Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:53 PM

As spring begins to arrive, so does the UIL academic season. Below are several hot topics that will be of interest to coordinators and coaches.

Contest Entry
All spring meets are now set up in the online system and are ready for entering contestants. Your entry is due in the online system at least 10 day prior to your contest, unless your District Executive Committee has set an earlier date.

Academic coordinators entering their school’s contestants need a UT EID but do not need to be authorized by our office. Be careful to type students’ names correctly. Use upper and lower case, and enter last name first, followed by first name. Proof for correct spelling. Unless a student actually prefers initials to a name, do not use initials. Please do not type the names in all CAPS. Whenever possible, enter substitutes in each event. They will appear on the contest roster as eligible to compete if a replacement is needed.

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Former Speech Teacher Says Goodbye to Mentor

By Ann Shofner, former speech teacher | Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:47 PM

My junior year in college at West Texas State University, I joined the WT Speech Team, and it is then that I first met Guy Paul Yates. On one particular trip to Arizona to compete, we stopped in El Paso to spend the night because Guy loved to eat across the border. The morning that we headed out to Tucson, Guy took us to the market in Juarez.

There were 5 five students and Guy in a station wagon filled with luggage and debate tubs. We were literally “packed” into that vehicle. Guy told us that we didn’t have any more room for stuff so we should avoid buying any “ridiculous” souvenirs. Well, as students do, the five of us showed back up to the car with ornamental birdcages, large straw baskets, over-sized sombreros and piñatas (mine was a blue donkey… tucked inside my sombrero). Guy just stared at us in disbelief and told us to pack into the car but that we would have to hold our purchases all the way to Tucson and back to Canyon, Texas. He didn’t get mad, he just solved the problem the only way he knew how. Fortunately, we had a great tournament and on the way home, not only were we holding our Juarez souvenirs, we were holding our trophies too.

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Former Intern Joins Music Staff

By Lauren Kelley, UIL intern | Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:46 PM

Rebecca Kinz
Rebecca Kinz

“Home is where you want to stay longer,” and for recent UIL hire Rebecca Kinz, this statement rings true. After senior music administrative associate Patty Esfandiari retired this winter, Kinz stepped in as a UIL employee for a second time.

“I have always dreamed about working back at UIL again,” Kinz said. “I worked with Patty when I was an intern for the music department my last year in college.”

Before returning to the League, Kinz was the performance librarian for the Butler School of Music at The University of Texas.

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Dr. Waggoner Selected as Council Chair

By Kate Y. Hector, Media Coordinator | Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:42 PM

Dr. Kay Waggoner, superintendent at Richardson ISD, was selected as the UIL Legislative Council Chair for the 2014-2105 school year. As chair, Waggoner is looking forward to continuing to hear proposals for increased student involvement as well as the opportunity to review UIL rules.

“I think the UIL is one of the best organizations in this nation for students,” Waggoner said. “It is about expanding opportunities for student involvement, developing life skills and strengthening character traits such as commitment, dedication, leadership and sportsmanship. It is about learning to win but also learning to lose.”

Dr. Charles Breithaupt, UIL executive director, said Waggoner’s leadership and dedication to doing what is best for all the students in Texas make her an excellent chair for the Council.

“She has served on the Council for several years and always puts the needs and best interests of all young people first and foremost,” Breithaupt said of Waggoner. “We have an exciting opportunity with the UIL Constitution rewrite process this year, and I believe Dr. Waggoner will lead us through it with flying colors.”

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Music Associate Retires After Almost Two Decades at League

By Lauren Kelley, UIL intern | Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:30 PM

Former Music Director Richard Floyd (pictured left) and current Music Director Dr. Brad Kent honored Patty Esfandiari at the 2014 State Marching Band Contest at the Alamodome.
Former Music Director Richard Floyd (pictured left) and current Music Director Dr. Brad Kent honored Patty Esfandiari at the 2014 State Marching Band Contest at the Alamodome.

For 19 years, Patty Esfandiari embodied the UIL motto, “Making A World of Difference” as she served the state’s high school band directors, music directors, students and more.

Former UIL Music Director Richard Floyd said she was the “perfect example of the motto” as the administration associate in UIL.

“Her cheerful voice and caring demeanor will cheer you up immediately,” Floyd said. “She was and is a wonderful musician and it was immediately evident that she could relate with the music educators we serve.”    

In December after almost two decades of working for UIL, Esfandiari retired.

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Sponsor Excellence Award Winner Announced

By Kate Y. Hector, Media Coordinator | Tuesday, February 10, 2015 2:18 PM

Kerry Taylor works with the band at Westlake High School. He has directed the UIL marching band there for more than 30 years.
Kerry Taylor works with the band at Westlake High School. He has directed the UIL marching band there for more than 30 years.

Photo by Lily Painter

The University Interscholastic League is proud to recognize 15 of the best UIL sponsors in Texas as the 2014 UIL Sponsor Excellence Award winners.

The winners were selected by a panel of judges in the areas of academics, athletics and music from nominations submitted by school principals and superintendents across the state.

The award, now in its 24th year, was created to identify and recognize outstanding sponsors who enable students to develop and refine their extracurricular talents to the highest degree possible within the educational system.

“Interscholastic competition and student performance have innumerable benefits that are only possible through the hard work and dedication of sponsors, coaches and directors like these,” said UIL Executive Director Dr. Charles Breithaupt. “On behalf of the UIL I commend these outstanding educators.”

Each winner will receive $1,000 and a symbolic memento from the UIL in recognition of their outstanding achievements in the pursuit of educational excellence through interscholastic competition. The League continually strives to strengthen and promote the role of extracurricular activities in Texas through programs like the UIL Sponsor Excellence Award.

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Sage Advice for Novice Coaches

By Jana Riggins, Speech and Debate Director | Tuesday, November 18, 2014 9:44 AM

Fresh out of college and barely 21 years old when I first acquired the title of “speech coach”, I still vividly recall the nervous queasiness in my stomach when I took my students to their first tournament. They towered over me, being the vertically challenged person that I am, and my youthful countenance had tournament administrators asking my students, “Which one of you is the coach?”

I learned a lot those first years, luckily sometimes from mentors who came my way and sometimes through mistakes I survived. If you are a new UIL coach, here are some lessons learned that may help you along your journey.

You can never dream too big. You may be starting a speech and debate program from scratch, with no budget and perhaps little administrative support for this strange animal you’re attempting to convince everyone is a program that is essential for success in the real world.  You may even be beginning with a zero budget. It probably appears that you are on an island apart from everyone. Don’t give up hope. As your speakers and performers start having success, people will take notice.

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Cross Country Season Wraps Up

By Traci Neely, Assistant Athletic Director | Monday, November 17, 2014 2:58 PM

The starting line.
The starting line.

The cross country season has ended, and it feels like we just got started.  This year was a tremendous success for the championship season, and I wanted to follow-up with a re-cap of one of the most well-attended state cross country meets in UIL history since 1996 at Old Settler Park in Round Rock.

State Meet
The state meet was more popular among spectators than ever before with the large growth of popularity for spectating the sport, fantastic weather and the addition of a conference and new qualifying format. For the first time, the cross country advancement from the regional meet included four qualifying teams and the top 10 individuals (not on a qualifying team) accounted for the increased numbers per race.  It was also the first year for the new cross country alignment that created two more races than previous years with boys’ and girls’ conference races in 1A-6A.

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OAP Updates and Reminders

By Luis Muñoz, Theatre Director | Monday, November 17, 2014 2:39 PM

Thank you for enrolling to participate in this year’s UIL OAP Contest.  To date, 1227 have enrolled in this year’s contest. This is the highest number in League history. We look forward to working together to make this a productive year.

Please remember to download the new Handbook for One-Act Play.  The link can be found under “Resources and Forms” on our website. Some major revisions were made on Oct. 16 on pages 28-29 and the pages that reflect the items involved.

Those of you who are looking for judges to complete your panels can find a directory of available judges on our site. It’s like for OAP.  We will be adding an addendum later this week.

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