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Music Memory Passport

New edition for 2020-2021

Published by UIL, Music Memory Passport is a collection of top-notch study and practice materials created by professional music educators, including detailed lesson plans and activities, as well as beautiful original listening maps for each selection. Passport is not a printed publication – it’s provided in digital format on CD and as a digital download, with files you can use on your computer and print out as needed. The images below provide just a small sample of what Passport has to offer. The Passport includes files like these for all 16 core selections (and the additional 4 selections for grade 7/8), plus activities, handouts, a TEKS correlation list, and more. The Passport is Macintosh and Windows compatible; files are provided in Adobe PDF format.

Original Listening Maps Lesson Plans for coaching Music Memory and for the classroom

How to order Passport
Passport is available from UIL for $11 as a digital download. To order, visit our online store.

Acquiring Music to Accompany Passport

Passport does NOT include recorded music. But in the digital era, acquiring the music yourself is easy. It's not necessary to purchase full-length albums when you really need just one selection from each - you can easily purchase just the pieces you need from online sources such as iTunes, many for 99 cents each. The music is also available through streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify.

Links to recordings on iTunes and Spotify

May we purchase materials from other vendors?
Yes. Passport provides one option for study materials, but other options continue to be available from independent vendors. Schools are free to choose whatever study materials they prefer. Vendor contact information is available on the A+ Resources page.