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Wrestling Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to start practice outside the school day with the first day of school?
No, practice outside the school day can begin with the first day of school, but the coach decides when this will occur.
How do varsity athletes certify for a minimum weight class?
By complying with the weight certification program outlined in the wrestling coach’s manual, including the hydration assessment, skin fold measuring and predicted body weight at 7% body fat for males and 12% body fat for females, including the 2% variance.
When can my athletes begin participating in dual meets and tournaments?
Participation in duals can begin on November 11, 2019.
Can students participate in non-school wrestling tournaments during the school season?
Yes. However, they cannot wear or use any school equipment and no school funds (including booster club funds) can be used to finance non-school activities. Student athletes could not miss school practices or contests to compete in non-school activities.
Does a Dual, Triangular or Quadrangular meet count as one of the eight allowable tournaments for the school season?
No, provided there is no loss of school time.  State law limits students to one contest per activity during the school week (beginning of school Monday to the end of school Friday).
Can someone who is not a full time employee of the school district help coach my team?
No. Anyone who works with a school team in practice or competition must be a full time employee of the school district.
Do meets where there are more 4 teams gathered at one site count as one of the eight allowable tournaments for the school season? 
As long as a school interacts with only three other schools, it would not count as one of the eight allowable tournaments, provided there is no loss of school time.  There also could be no advancement or awards.
Can the girls wear a male singlet (wrestling uniform)?
Girls can wear the male singlet with a t-shirt underneath. If they are wearing the male singlet, the t-shirt is required. If they wear the female leotard, the t-shirt would not be required.
If my team participates in a dual on a Tuesday, can we also participate in a tournament that begins on a Friday?
 Yes, if that tournament begins after school on Friday.
Do girls have to cover their hair or can they simply use a rubber band and put it in a ponytail? 
Female wrestlers may wear a “pony tail”. The length of the “pony tail” shall not extend beyond the collar line on the back of the wrestler’s singlet. Hair must be in its natural state with no braids, cornrows, etc. Must be secured by a non- abrasive device, and approved by the event official(s) prior to the first match.
If girls are weighing in with a t-shirt and shorts on, do they get a weight allowance for the clothing? 
Girls will be allowed to weigh in with shorts and a shirt.  However, they will not get a weight allowance for this.  They can wear a bikini-style swimsuit if they wish or could weigh in with a sports bra and shorts.  If there are females running the weigh-in and the facility is secure, the girls could weigh-in with undergarments.


How are weigh-ins and tie-breakers for multiple day dual tournaments events conducted? 
Weighing in
Weigh-ins for each day will be conducted as a tournament format in accordance with NFHS rules.  Each day constitutes a new weigh-in.  The weigh-in for the second day is not affected by the weigh-in of the first day.
Tie-breakers for team advancement
Head to head, if applicable, will be the first tie-breaker. After head to head, tie-breaker rules published in the NFHS manual will be used.  If the teams tied have all wrestled each other, only the matches involving the tied teams are considered for the tie-breaker.