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UIL State Executive Committee Meeting Results

Media Contact: Chris Schmidt
Phone: 512-471-5883

Date: Nov 09, 2016
Category: State Executive Committee


The State Executive Committee of the University Interscholastic League met Wednesday to hand down decisions on eligibility of student-athletes, hear an appeal of an ejection from a contest and make official interpretations of UIL rules. 

A student from Beaumont West Brook High School was denied an appeal for varsity eligibility, upholding the previous decision of the district executive committee. A second student from Beaumont West Brook was granted an appeal for varsity eligibility. After hearing testimony from all parties, it was determined that the student did not change schools for athletic purposes.

El Paso Canyon Hill Middle School coach Ricky Ramirez was denied an appeal of an ejection from a contest, and was issued the automatic penalty of a public reprimand, one-year probation, and additional training.

Marfa High School coach Wayland Jenkins was issued a public reprimand, three years of probation and was suspended for the remainder of football season for violations of eligibility rules, falsifying records or reports and violation of reporting requirements concerning eligibility forms.

In new business, the State Executive Committee offered an official interpretation of rules related to school of first choice. The committee determined that enrollment in a non UIL-member private school will equate to a student exercising their ‘first opportunity’ to select a high school as it relates to eligibility at a UIL-member school.

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