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UIL Reclassification and Realignment Information

Media Contact: Kim Rogers
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Date: Feb 07, 2006
Category: Athletics


AUSTIN, TX-The biennial UIL reclassification and realignment for the 2006-07 and 2007-08 school years has been released. The new alignments, which were established by enrollment figures submitted to the UIL by its member schools in October, will serve as football and basketball districts for the next two school years.

When the new realignments were released, District 7-4A was inadvertently assigned 11 teams. Therefore, Fort Worth North Side High School and Fort Worth Western Hills High School have been reassigned to District 6-4A for all activities except football. District 7-4A will remain an 11-team district for football at the request of Fort Worth ISD officials.

Additionally, Austin Johnston High School submitted incorrect enrollment data to the UIL in October, resulting in Johnston High School being placed in Conference 3A rather than 4A. The International High School at Johnston High School, which has a separate PEIMS number than Johnston High School, had its student population overlooked by school officials reporting the data. Consequently, the International High School enrollment should have been included in Johnston High School's enrollment numbers in October making the total enrollment for Johnston High School 972. Johnston High School has been reassigned to District 17-4A from District 18-3A for all activities.

Furthermore, Houston Yes College Prep submitted incorrect enrollment numbers that included K-12 enrollment figures rather than grades 9-12, therefore increasing their actual enrollment figures. The correct enrollment of Yes College Prep is 350, which is below the Conference 3A cut-off. Houston Yes College Prep has been reassigned to District 27-2A.

A school dissatisfied with its assignment may change districts with unanimous consent of all schools in both districts. Schools may also appeal their district assignment to the Assignment Appeals Committee appointed by the UIL Legislative Council Chair. The deadline for this appeal is February 13. Appeals will be heard at the UIL office in Austin on February 20. Alignments will be final on February 21 after the appeals process is complete.

"There is always some dissatisfaction with the process and the results, because it impacts everyone somewhere," UIL Athletic Director Dr. Charles Breithaupt said. “The UIL wants only the best for its member schools and its students, and because of this, we have provisions set up in our Constitution and Contest Rules for schools to appeal their assignments. These new alignments are not set in stone.”

For a complete listing of the realignments for the 2006-08 school years, along with general information on reclassification and realignment policies, please see the UIL web site at:


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