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UIL Legislative Council Meeting Results

Media Contact: Chris Schmidt
Phone: 512-471-5883
Fax: 512-471-6589

Date: Oct 18, 2010
Category: Legislative Council


AUSTIN, TX— The UIL adopted new regulations for concussion management, but will continue to study increasing the distance for girls cross country after decisions handed down by the UIL Legislative Council on Monday.

Upon recommendation by the Medical Advisory Committee of the UIL, the Legislative Council unanimously passed an amendment to alter the current UIL Concussion Management Protocol, taking effect August 1, 2011. The UIL will adopt the regulations for concussion management currently in place from the National Federation of State High School Associations.

After extensive discussion of increasing the distance for girls cross country from 3,200 meters to 5,000 meters, the UIL Legislative Council instructed UIL staff to continue to study the issue for Conferences 4A and 5A only. The study, which could include a survey of Conference 4A and 5A school superintendents, will be presented at the meeting of the Standing Committee on Athletics in June 2011.

In other action, the Legislative Council approved a proposal to establish an initial set of contest rules to conduct a Chess Puzzle Solving pilot event in grades 2-8. If approved by the Commissioner of Education, the amendment will go into effect immediately.

The following items were approved by the Legislative Council on Monday, and will take effect August 1, 2011 if approved by the Commissioner of Education:

  • Allowing interschool football scrimmages to be scheduled after six days of contact practices instead of seven;
  • Allowing critiques when using panel judging in One-Act Play;
  • Allowing all players to participate in the team playoff in golf;
  • Adding verification period for all journalism contests;
  • Allowing three games to be substituted in place of a tournament in baseball and softball.

The Commissioner of Education must approve amendments passed by the UIL Legislative Council before they may take effect. Upon approval by the Commissioner of Education, all approved amendments will be published on The Leaguer at

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