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UIL District Assignment Appeals Committee Results

Media Contact: Kim Rogers
Phone: 512-471-5883

Date: Feb 20, 2006
Category: Athletics


AUSTIN, TX- One out of ten appeals regarding reclassification and realignment were granted Monday by the District Assignment Appeals Committee of the UIL. The 13-member committee composed of UIL Legislative Council members heard nine appeals regarding district assignments, and one appeal dealing with a regional assignment.

The one district assignment appeal granted by the Committee was to Edgewood High School (from 12-2A to 16-2A in all activities except football). They will join Alba-Golden, Como-Pickton, Grand Saline, Hawkins, Quitman, and Winnsboro to form a seven-team district in basketball and all other activities except football.

The Assignment Appeals Committee voted to deny appeals from the following:

ο Wylie
ο Keller Fossil Ridge
ο Del Rio
ο District 21-2A
ο Charlotte
ο Chester
ο Leonard
ο Dayton
ο Fruitvale

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