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COVID-19 Information

The UIL building is closed to visitors due to COVID-19 until further notice. Staff is available to answer questions. Please see our contact page to find the appropriate department.

Updated 1/8/21

2020-2021 Spring Academic Modifications

Information regarding Academic events, including Congress, State CX Debate Qualification Rubric and One-Act Play Advancement can be found here: Academics Update

Updated 1/5/21

2020-2021 UIL Wrestling COVID Calendar & Update

Information for the 2020-2021 UIL wrestling season is now available on the UIL Website.

The modifications for this season include:

  • No tournaments are allowed prior to the district tournament. Schools may compete in dual, triangular, and quadrangular meets in lieu of tournaments.
  • Post-season qualifiers have been reduced.
  • Regional and State tournaments will be conducted with an eight-person bracket.

Updated 12/11/20

UIL Football Playoff / State Championship - Student Eligibility 

Students participating in football playoff and/or state championship games, postponed to January due to COVID19, are not subject to the following provisions of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules and could participate in football state championships as long as they are in compliance with all other UIL eligibility requirements.

400 (a) and 405, High School Graduate;

400 (b) and 406, Full Time Student; 

400 (c) and 407, Regular Attendance; and 

400 (f) and 408, Enrolled in Four Year Program

Updated 12/04/20

2020-2021 UIL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines

UIL has posted updated UIL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines. These changes are consistent with updates recently posted to TEA Guidance.

Updated 10/14/20

Varsity District Contests - School Week Exception

UIL has worked closely with TEA to provide as much flexibility to schools to reschedule district contests postponed due to COVID-19 related reasons, as allowed by state regulations.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been identified as a ‘public disaster’ by the State of Texas, and as long as this status remains in place, UIL varsity district contests impacted by COVID-19 may be rescheduled and played as exceptions to the school week limit, as long as the rescheduled date is agreed upon by both schools involved in the contest, or on a date as determined by the District Executive Committee, if the two schools cannot agree.

This exception only applies to varsity district contests when the Governor’s disaster declaration is in effect.

Updated 10/1/20

2020 October UIL Legislative Council Meetings

October 18-19: The UIL Legislative Council meetings will be held via Zoom, and will be live streamed on the UIL YouTube channel as well as the UIL website. Please note that in order to ensure safe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no physical location for the meetings.

Updated 9/28/20

No Pass No Play - Incomplete Grades

As many schools across the state approach the end of the first six weeks of school, the UIL is offering the following guidance related to “Incomplete” grades for no pass/no play. State law requires that all schools check grades for students participating in extracurricular activities at the end of the first six weeks of school. While that will not change, the UIL, in consultation with TEA, is extending the grace period at the end of the grading period from seven days to fourteen days for “Incomplete” grades to be made up or changed to a passing grade before a student loses eligibility. This change is for the 2020-21 school year only.

Updated 9/1/20

2020-2021 UIL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines

UIL has posted updated UIL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines on the UIL website, effective September 1, 2020. These changes are consistent with updates recently posted to TEA Guidance.

As we continue into fall seasons, it is critical that schools are diligent in following these risk-mitigation guidelines. Schools are still required to follow Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA-29 related to face coverings. Schools may allow spectators to attend contests up to a maximum of 50% of a venue’s capacity, provided appropriate spacing as prescribed in the guidelines is maintained. UIL has posted some sample pre-game and public address announcements online that schools may use to help remind spectators of the guidelines to be followed.

Updated 8/27/20

PA Spot Announcements & Pre-Game Guidelines

The UIL is providing the following updated PA Spot Announcements and Pre-Game Guidelines for Announcers that include COVID-19 related information for use by schools at local athletic events.

PA Spot Announcements
Pre-Game Guidelines

Updated 8/13/20

2020-2021 UIL Regular Season Football Telecast Info

In an effort to increase accessibility of high school football games and encourage social distancing across Texas, the UIL will allow live telecasts of high school football games on Friday nights during the regular season with the exception of linear telecasts on September 25, 2020. A telecast is defined as any live or tape-delayed video footage of a contest in its entirety that can be transmitted through television, Internet Web stream, Webcast, video podcast, smart phone apps, tablet computer apps, closed-circuit channels, weather cameras or any other medium.

Updated 7/21/20

2020-2021 UIL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidelines

The following guidance related to UIL activities, based on the public health situation as we understand it today, applies to the 2020-2021 school year. This guidance is effective August 1, 2020. Changes to the public health situation may necessitate changes to this guidance:

2020-2021 UIL Athletic Calendars

2020-21 UIL Music

  • 2020-2021 COVID-19 UIL Music Updates
    • Remote Learning
    • Academic Eligibility 
    • REC Concerns & Contest Schedules
    • Practice and Rehearsal Regulations
    • Performance Regulations
    • Updated Calendar

2020-21 UIL Athletics

Updated 7/10/20

Remote Learning, Academic Eligibility, Credit Requirements

As schools prepare for a variety of learning options for the coming school year, UIL is providing the following information related to those options and UIL student eligibility.

  • Students participating in remote learning offered by their school district, whether synchronous or asynchronous (as defined by TEA), may participate in UIL activities if they meet all other UIL eligibility requirements. Students must be enrolled in remote learning options through the school the student will represent. Schools may develop local policies with additional requirements for participation. You can find more information related to the full-time student rule in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules.

  • Schools should develop grading policies for remote learning options that outline the criteria for determining if a student is passing all courses at the end of grading and evaluation periods. Days when school is not in session should be treated as school holidays for purposes of determining academic eligibility for both remote and in-person learning. All students are academically eligible when school is not in session for a full calendar week or more. More information related to no pass-no play can be found in the TEA-UIL Side by Side Manual.

  • For the 2020-2021 school year, UIL eligibility requirements for the first six weeks of school have been modified to allow a student to be eligible for the first six weeks if they accumulated at least two and a half credits since the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Schools may impose additional requirements.

Updated 07/08/20

COVID-19 Summer Strength & Conditioning, Skills Instruction and Marching Band Practices & Rehearsals

2020 June UIL Legislative Council Meetings

The June UIL Legislative Council meetings were held via Zoom, and were live streamed on the UIL YouTube channel as well as the UIL Legislative Council web page. Please note that in order to ensure safe social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no physical location for the meetings.

Click here to see the meeting agenda and results.

Click here to see all the live streamed meeting videos.

5/01/20 Legislative Council Meeting Approved Resolution & Amendments

UIL Cancels All Remaining Spring Activities and State Championships​


With the announcement from Governor Greg Abbott that all Texas schools are to remain closed to in-person learning for the remainder of this school year, and in an effort to help protect the health and safety of Texans, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) is canceling all remaining 2019-2020 spring activities and state championships.
“Our staff had been working hard on plans to resume activities this spring, but without schools in session, interscholastic activities cannot continue,” said UIL Executive Director Dr. Charles Breithaupt. “Our highest priority during this challenging time is ensuring the health and safety of our students and communities and making progress in the containment of COVID-19 in Texas. We are now turning our attention to the 2020-2021 school year.”
Practices, rehearsals, and workouts remain suspended until further notice. The previously communicated information allowing remote instruction remains in place. The UIL will continue to follow the direction of state authorities and will work closely with member schools to navigate this unprecedented time.
“I am grateful to the UIL staff for their leadership and dedication to students,” said UIL Legislative Council Chair Curtis Rhodes. “Together we will get through this and we look forward to the day students are once again able to participate in education-based interscholastic activities.” 
Further details will be forthcoming. Please continue to check the UIL website and social media accounts for updates.

Remote Learning/Coaching

During statewide school suspension, remote learning/coaching of UIL activities is allowed through electronic, video or teleconferencing type methods. Schools shall limit instruction for UIL activities to a maximum of eight hours per week per activity, in addition to a maximum of sixty minutes per day Monday through Friday.

For athletic activities that are out of season, schools shall limit remote instruction to a maximum of sixty minutes per day Monday through Friday.

The UIL will continue to provide timely, ongoing updates and is reassessing this ever-changing situation daily. Please continue to  check the  UIL website   and social media accounts for further updates. 

“We are urging our member schools and their communities to stay vigilant and take every possible precaution to remain safe and healthy,” said UIL Executive Director Dr. Charles Breithaupt.  “We understand there is a lot of uncertainty during this unprecedented time. Please know UIL leadership is working diligently to adjust to this rapidly evolving situation and will share updates as soon as possible.”
As this is a fluid situation, the UIL will continue to follow the direction of state and local officials to monitor this situation and will make additional announcements as needed.