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2020 Cross Country Calendar

All Schools: 

August 17                          1A Through 4A Schools May start Interschool Competition

September 7                      5A & 6A Schools May start Interschool Competition

October 31                         District Certification Deadline

November 9,10                  Regional Meets

November 23-24                State Meet 


Deadlines for filing entry forms to appropriate director:    

District: 5 days prior to district meet

Regionals: Immediately following district meet. Please review regional director’s specified deadline.

State: Regional results will be sent to the state office by the regional director. The school does not send an entry form or fees to the UIL office.


Invitational Meets may have no more than 8 total schools and only one level of competitors (Var/JV/9th) on site at a given time.  A school could bring a girls and boys team, but they would need to be the same level.  NOTE:  (1) There can be up to 10 athletes (per gender) per each of the 8 teams.  (2) There may also be an additional 2 schools added to the 8 schools allowed if those 2 schools have no more than 3 runners.

District Meets may only have one level of competitors participating on site at a given time.  District Meets will continue to follow the normal entry limit of 7 (+3 alternates).   Example:  if Varsity Boys/Girls are running, JV would not be allowed on site until the varsity athletes have left. District Meets may exceed the 8 school limit if their district has more than 8 schools.

Additional information can be found at: