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Subchapter D: 2nd-8th Grades (1418)

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Subchapter D: 2nd-8th Grades (1418)



(1) Summary. This contest is designed to promote creativity in an academic format and to encourage writing skills at an early grade level. Through preparation for the contest, students will be able to evaluate their own writing and the writing of others.

(2) Contest Format. Contestants will be given a prompt with several captioned pictures. From these pictures, the students will create an original story based on their selections. The stories shall contain at least one of the pictured items, but it is not required that all items on the page be included. Thirty minutes will be allotted for writing exclusive of time required for instructions.


(1) Contestants. Students in the second grade who are eligible under Section 1405 may enter this contest.

(2) Divisions. This contest will consist of only one division.

(3) Individual Competition. Each participant school may enter as many as three contestants in the district meet.

(4) Team Competition. There is no team competition in creative writing.


(1) Personnel. The contest director may be the coach of a participating student.

(2) Viewing Period. An optional period not to exceed 15 minutes may be arranged for coaches and contestants to review their own evaluations, stories and verify identification.

(3) Official Results. After the viewing period has ended and all contest papers have been collected, the contest director shall announce the official results. Official results, once announced, are final.

(4) Returning Materials. No materials from the district contests may be returned to contestants prior to official release dates.