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2022-2023 Rule Changes

Pending approval of the Commissioner of Education, all amendments will be effective for the 2022-2023 school year, unless otherwise noted.


  • Section 1033: ONE-ACT PLAY CONTESTS: This amendment removes the requirement that critiques must follow the awards announcement in the One-Act Play competition. This change allows the oral critiques to be given before results are announced.
  • Section 380: ANNUAL CONTESTS, Section 900: HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC CONTESTS, Section 902: GENERAL REGULATIONS and Section 926: HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER APPLICATIONS CONTEST: This Amendment phases out Computer Applications as a contest over a period of three years.
  • Section 1034: ONE-ACT PLAY CONTEST ETHICS CODE: This amendment bans physical contact strikes (including actual slaps, punches or kicks to the face, head and neck) in the UIL One-Act Play Contest. Only choreographed stage combat creating the illusion of physical contact should be used in the contest.
  • Sections 920-960: This amendment increases the number of entries allowed in district competition for spring academic events with a team component. Each school could enter up to six contestants in each applicable event at the district meet, rather than the current limit of four, with the approval of the District Executive Committee. Points and advancement structures remain unchanged.


  • Section 1206: SCHOOL PRACTICE AND GAME RESTRICTIONS: This amendment codifies offseason and summer strength and conditioning changes implemented as a response to COVID-19.
  • Section 1206: SCHOOL PRACTICE AND GAME RESTRICTIONS: This amendment updates a class and adds a class to the list of courses for which there is an exception to the UIL rule that limits enrollment in physical education (PE) courses during the school day.
  • Section 1204(m): FLAT FEE SCHEDULE AND TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: This amendment increases travel reimbursements for sports officials by $5.00
  • Section 1204(m): FLAT FEE SCHEDULE AND TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: This amendment establishes a ten-year compensation plan for sports officials beginning in the 2023-2024 school year.
  • Section 1340: WATER POLO PLAN, and Section 1478: 7TH-8TH GRADE ATHLETIC PLAN: This amendment adds Water Polo as a pilot program.
  • Section 1204(m): FLAT FEE SCHEDULE AND TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: This amendment adds a fee plan for Water Polo.
  • Section 1290: SWIMMING PLAN: This amendment adds a third conference for swimming and diving.
  • Section 1204(l): FEE APPROVAL/PAYMENT: This amendment from the UIL Sports Officials Committee (SOC) changes the time period to pay officials from 45 days to 30 days.
  • Section 1220: BASEBALL PLAN, and Section 1280: SOFTBALL PLAN: This amendment prohibits playoff games from being scheduled before Thursday unless by mutual consent of the two schools in the contest.
  • Section 1209(g): NON SCHOOL PARTICIPATION: This amendment allows boys’ basketball coaches the opportunity to coach their students only during the NCAA/NFHS approved June Scholastic Basketball event hosted by TABC.


  • Section 1105: REGION MARCHING BAND CONTEST: This amendment allows a non-student to intervene should an amplification equipment failure occur and clarifies cable placement to ensure safety and flexibility.


  • Section 350: ESTABLISHING CONFERENCES: This amendment allows the UIL Executive Director to conduct reclassification and realignment via pre-existing approved policies in situations where new policies which have been approved by the Council have not been approved by the Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency (TEA), as required by law.
  • This amendment alters Reclassification and Realignment Policy as it relates to the conference placement of UIL member charter schools. The language allows UIL staff the option to place charter schools as much as one (1) conference above the conference for which their enrollment qualifies.
  • This amendment to the UIL Reclassification and Realignment Policies and Procedures, I. General Enrollment Information, adds a section to account for homeschool student participation in the enrollment calculation for schools allowing homeschool students to participate in UIL activities