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2020-2021 Postseason Telecast Information

Live or tape-delayed telecasts of a postseason contest require approval from the UIL. The entity producing the telecast must also receive permission from the schools involved as well as the hosting venue, if the contest occurs at a neutral site. Please see below for more information. Any questions should be directed to the UIL Media Department:

Academic Telecasts

The UIL defines an Academic Telecast as a broadcast with an educational purpose that is produced solely by a UIL-member school and/or school district primarily using school facilities, equipment, staff and students without any commercial relationship for the financial benefit of another party. 

Schools interested in doing an Academic Telecast or NFHS Network School Broadcast Program webcast must submit this form by noon the business day prior to the event: UIL Member School Playoff Telecast Request.

Due to COVID-19 and restrictions on venue capacity schools may air postseason broadcasts LIVE if approved. Additionally, schools may distribute the broadcast via their school or district website, local cable access channel, or a school affiliated YouTube or Facebook Channel. Other commercial .com websites or social media pages are prohibited. 

Academic telecasts will be approved if they meet the above definition and if the contest has not been selected by UIL broadcast partners. 

Media Outlets

Media outlets interested in broadcasting a postseason contest must complete this form by noon the business day prior to the event: Non-Football Sublicensee Playoff Telecast Request and receive an approval email from Sports In Action.

The University Interscholastic League has all rights to postseason contests, and has granted rights to its broadcast partners. The UIL’s broadcast partners have first rights to all postseason activities and if a broadcast partner selects a contest for telecast, that game cannot be sublicensed.

The rights to contests not selected by UIL broadcast partners may be sublicensed to interested media outlets that meet the following criteria:

  1. The telecast must be provided to the public with a linear or reliable web telecast with minimal buffering.
  2. Telecast must feature at least one high definition camera.
  3. Telecast must feature at least one on-air broadcaster to call play-by-play of the event.
  4. Sub licensee must provide Sports In Action a DVD or link of broadcast within 5 business days of event.
  5. Sub licensee must pay fees detailed below to Sports In Action within 5 business days of event.
  6. Sub licensee must have permission from both schools and the venue.
  7. Sub licensee must enter into an agreement with Sports In Action and abide by all terms and conditions.

The sub-licensed media outlet is responsible for communication with the schools for selected broadcasts. The sub-licensed broadcasters will schedule the set-up and tear-down times for equipment with the schools and the venues.

The sub-licensees are responsible for any expenses associated with the telecast.


The sub-licensed media outlet will pay a rights fee based within 5 business days of the event.

  • Linear TV: $200 per game, event or series (softball/baseball)
  • Streaming Only: $100 per game, event or series (softball/baseball)