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Golf Frequently Asked Questions

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How many tournaments are student-athletes allowed to compete in during the season?  
No student representing a member school shall participate in more than eight tournaments during the school year, excluding one 36-hole maximum district tournament, the regional tournament and the state tournament.
May student-athletes participate in more than one tournament per school week? 
No student representing a member school shall participate in more than one tournament per school week (the first instructional day of the week through the last school day of the week).
Can players use electronic equipment?
Range finders are the only electronic equipment allowed at the district, regional and state tournaments.  Range finders that measure distance only may be used during competitive rounds. The operative word is “only”. Range finders that offer functions in addition to distance measurement are illegal, even if a player disables other functions. A player using such a device in competition rounds will be subject to the UIL penalty structure (1st offense-warning; 2nd offense-disqualification).
May I coach my players on the green?
No, A coach may engage (coach) with the player(s) from tee to green. Once a player steps onto the green, no coaching is allowed until all participants have finished the hole.
If a tournament begins but is cancelled due to weather, does it count as one of the allowable eight tournaments?
A tournament is considered a tournament when all contestants have played one half of the predetermined length. If less than half of the tournament has been played and the tournament cannot be continued, the tournament may be canceled and does not have to count as one of the allowable 8 tournaments. If there was a loss of school time, the tournament shall be counted.
How many qualifiers advance to the regional tournament?
Each district may qualify the first and second place teams and the first and second place individuals to regional competition.