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State Champions

Baseball Manual Post Season Information


Post Season Information

Playoff Information

Certification of District Representatives - The last dates for certifying the district champions to the League office is April 30, 2024. It is mandatory that the District Chair certifies the district representatives on the UIL website as soon as they are determined.

Post-Season Warm-Up Games - Teams that have advanced to the playoffs may schedule a warm-up game after the District Certification Date that is set by the UIL calendar and before their first playoff game if a team has not reached their allowable season limit. School week limitations still apply.

  • Note: Scheduling games prior to district certification, games left in a team’s allowable season limit may be scheduled like any other regular season game.
  • Exception – Warm-up games for teams who have exhausted their season limit are given a UIL exception under the following conditions:
    • Teams that are district champions and have a first-round bye.
    • The one game exception can be played only at the end of your school day on Friday, last day of instruction (with no loss of school time) or anytime on Saturday.


  • Details of all playoff games from bi-district to state shall be arranged by the two teams involved. This includes site selection. In case there is a dispute regarding a neutral or home site or time of a game, it shall be settled by the flip of a coin (Note: Unless mutually agreed, all games shall be played at a midpoint site for schools located more than 100 miles apart and neutral sites cannot be more than two-thirds the total distance between the two schools).
  • Bi-district games may not be played until after the final date for district certification in that respective conference, unless permission is granted by all possible Area round opponents. All other playoff games may not be played until after the final date for completion of the prior round championships.
  • After the bi-district round, playoff games shall not be played before Thursday of that week unless by mutual consent of both schools (ie. to play Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday both coaches would both have to agree, all other days can be determined by a coin flip).
  • In a series, the first and second games may be played prior to Friday (ie. game 1 Wednesday and game 2 Thursday OR a doubleheader on Wednesday OR a doubleheader on Thursday). Game 3, if necessary, could not be played until after the end of instruction on Friday or anytime on Saturday.
  • National Federation Rules will be followed for all play-off games.
  • All games will be played to completion of seven innings.
  • In all play-off games, suspended games shall be continued at the point of suspension.
  • The 10-run rule is enforced in all play-off games.

UIL Playoff Reporting – Teams Advancing

  • Coaches are required to submit playoff results immediately following their contest. The winning school should submit playoff game results and next round information via MaxPreps through the assigned coach/admin account. The score reported by a coach on a team’s page will automatically fill in the bracket.
  • The completeness of the data presented on the UIL Texas Scoreboard will be dependent upon the participation of schools and coaches. For more information, please see

Team Information & Pictures - Teams winning the regional quarterfinal game must submit the following materials to the UIL no later than Wednesday, May 29, 2024:

Failure to submit this information could result in a range of penalties as described in Section 27 (b) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules or your team not appearing in the State Tournament program.

Contracts - All playoff arrangements between two schools should be made in writing and signed to protect both parties.

Sites - The teams involved should select sites for all rounds of playoffs except the state site. See Section 1208 (o)(p) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules. If schools cannot agree, they must flip a coin.

  • (o) Sites Defined for All Team Sports:
    • (1) Home Sites. When two schools flip for two separate sites other than their home field or court, the sites are considered home sites unless both sites are near mid-point.
    • (2) Neutral Sites. A site mid-point or near mid-point, or a site agreed on by both schools as neutral, is a neutral site. Unless mutually agreeable, a site cannot be neutral if its distance from either school is more than two-thirds the total distance between the two schools.
  • (p) Mid-point Sites. Unless mutually agreed otherwise, post district contests in the team sports of baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, team tennis, and volleyball shall be at a mid-point site for schools located more than 100 miles apart.
Playoff Game Regulations


  • Play-off games may be single elimination or two-out-of-three from bi-district to state. If neither method is mutually agreeable, a coin flip shall determine play-off format.
    • EXCEPTION: Starting in the 2023-2024 baseball season, as a pilot in conference 5A and 6A, playoffs will be two-out-of-three unless mutually agreed to play a single game. 
  • If schools play a two-out-of-three elimination series, the first and second games may be played prior to Friday. Game three shall not be played until Friday. Please refer to the C&CR, Section 1220 (g) for rules regarding two-out of-three game series.
  • Schools playing a two-out-of-three series should set parameters for the series prior to the first game. The parameters should include, but not limited to the following areas: how the schools will handle weather problems and delays, how far schools will travel to find an available field, giving up home field advantage and securing officials must be discussed before one team gains a position of advantage after the first game is completed and the weather is a factor.
  • A two-out-of-three series that does not get a complete game in by the end of the day Friday automatically reverts to a one game series.
  • If one game is played and a second game cannot be played on Saturday because of weather, then the winner of the game advances to the next round.
  • If two games are played (and split) and the third game cannot be played on Saturday because of weather conditions, then the third and deciding game may be played on Monday of the next week.


  • Every effort must be made by both teams to determine the winner before the certification deadline. This includes obtaining neutral sites and securing any available field. This could mean giving up a home field advantage if another field is playable.
  • If weather conditions make it impossible to determine a winner before certification, UIL must be contacted for an extension. The next round opponent(s) must also be contacted to inform them that the deadline will be extended.
  • Extreme scheduling difficulties such as those mentioned above could result in a coin flip which would determine the representatives to the next round.
  • A playoff game suspended/delayed by rain shall be restarted from the point of suspension as soon as possible as outlined in rule 4-3-1-2 of the National Federation Baseball Rules.

Police Protection - Adequate police protection should be provided for all playoff games, whether the game is played at a neutral site or on the home court of one of the teams.

Officials - In all conferences at all playoff levels, except the final state championship game, officials are to be obtained by the two schools involved. If neutral officials are requested through UIL, the home team must make the request. Schools must go to the UIL website to request officials online utilizing the Baseball Officials Assignment Request Form.

Certification of Regional Champion - The last dates for certifying the regional champions to the UIL office is June 1, 2024. A representative from each winning team should text the scores of their games to AJ Martinez at (361-816-1281) immediately after their regional final.

State Tournament

Schools Eligible to Compete - Only the teams qualifying through the regional tournament are eligible to compete in the state tournament.

Sites - UFCU Disch-Falk Field, University of Texas at Austin and Dell Diamond, Round Rock.

Certification - Please contact AJ Martinez (cell: 361-816-1281) immediately after your regional game(s) to let him know that your team has qualified for state.

Pairings for the Tournament - Teams will be placed in the bracket according to their win/loss record.  The two best records will be placed in opposite halves, and the third-best record will be placed up or down as determined by a coin flip.

No Workouts - There will be no workouts permitted at the state baseball tournament fields prior to the tournament. 

Supervision of Students - Each school is responsible for their students and behavior exhibited during all contests.

Lodging Instructions - Schools will be responsible for securing their own lodging. UIL will provide schools with a list of hotels in the area.

Team Pictures - Team pictures will be taken prior to the semifinal games. Players’ numbers should correspond with the program roster. If there are errors, please contact the tournament director before the pictures are taken. Order forms will be given to coaches for ordering team pictures.

Awards - Teams in the tournament will be asked to participate in the presentation of trophies and medals. Medals are given to each team. Extra medals may be ordered at the tournament by filling out the form in the coaches’ packet.

Officials - In all conferences, officials are to be obtained by the two schools involved for the semifinal game at the state tournament. The UIL will select officials for the final games of the state tournament. If neutral officials are requested through UIL, the home team must make the request. Schools must go to the UIL website to request officials online at

State Equipment - The official game ball for the State Baseball Tournament will be the Baden Perfection Pro.

Rebate to State Tournament - All funds collected from admissions at the state tournament in excess of the amount necessary to defray the incidental expenses of the meet shall be prorated up to 100 percent to the contesting teams on the basis of mileage, both ways. 

Radio Broadcasting and Telecasting - The UIL media department will be in charge of broadcasting and telecasting rights for the state tournament games and may be contacted at 512-471-5883.

Courtesy Runners

  • At any time, the team at bat may use courtesy runners for the pitcher and/or the catcher.
  • The same individual runner may not be used for both positions (pitcher and catcher) during the same game.
  • Neither the pitcher nor the catcher will be required to leave the game under such circumstances.
  • Players who have participated in the game in any other capacity are ineligible to serve as courtesy runners.
  • A player may not run as a courtesy runner for the pitcher or the catcher and then be used as a substitute for another player in that half-inning. If an injury, illness or ejection occurs and no other runners are available, the courtesy runner may be used as a substitute.
  • The umpire-in-chief shall record and announce to the scorer courtesy runner participation.
  • A player who violates the courtesy runner rule is considered to be an illegal substitute.

Ten-Run Rule - In the State Tournament, the ten-run rule will be in effect. After five (5) innings of play, if one team is ten (10) or more runs ahead of its opponent, the game shall be over (or if 4 1/2 innings have been completed and the home team is ten or more runs ahead).

Pitching Limitation

  • Pitch count limitations apply to the State Tournament. Each pitcher will be allotted 110 total pitches for the entire tournament. The Pitch Count Rule stays in affect during the State Baseball Tournament. Pitch counts will be tabulated by an onsite statistician (teams will not have to supply an official pitch counter). Each team will be at “Full-Strength” with all pitchers entering the State Tournament. Each pitcher will have a maximum of 110 pitches to throw during the State Tournament. The official pitch counter will be behind home plate compiling the pitch counts. Coaches may meet with the official pitch counter behind home plate in between innings to check counts.

Bat Check Procedures (State Tournament) - Prior to a team’s first game, the below procedures must be followed:

  • 1) Bats are to be delivered to a central location designated by the UIL.
  • 2) Bats should be delivered no earlier than 3 hours prior to the scheduled contest unless playing in the first scheduled game of the day. Games that are scheduled at the beginning of each day must have bats checked in 2 hours prior to game time.
    • a) Approved bats will be returned to teams 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to game time.
    • b) Following the semi-final game, a team could get new bats inspected prior to the championship game.
  • 3) Trained Inspectors will conduct the bat test
    • a) Each bat will be inspected by:
      • i. Site and touch
      • ii. An inspection ring placed over the bat to insure the barrel is symmetrical and free from flat spots, dents, and/or ridges
      • iii. A “Barrel Compression” tester
  • 4) If bat passes the above tests, a sticker is placed on the bat handle, which indicates the bat is legal for the entire UIL State Baseball Tournament.
  • 5) No bat without a sticker will be allowed for competition play.
  • 6) A player who comes to bat with an illegal bat will be penalized according to NFHS rule along with his/her Head Coach. Any bat without a sticker is considered illegal.
  • 7) A bat that fails the inspection test will be kept by the UIL and will be returned at the completion of the teams’ participation in the tournament. A team representative would need to come to the designated bat check location to pick up the bats once their tournament has concluded.

UIL Baseball State Tournament Schedule - The schedule will be posted on the UIL website at once finalized.