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Invitational A Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking Prelims

1. What are the latest developments regarding the Rohingya crisis in Myamnar?

2. Hurricane Harvey: What progress has Texas made in the recovery?

3. What factors led to the ousting of Robert Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s president?

4. As Donald Trump’s press secretary, what are the greatest challenges facing Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

5. What steps is the European Union taking to further discourage separatist movements within member states?

6. What is “fake news?”

7. Why are Venezuela’s leaders seeking closer ties between their nation and China?

8. What impact will the 2017 GOP Tax Reform Bill have on middle class Americans?

9. What is precipitating the ongoing violence in Yemen?

10. How is the federal government addressing the problem of opioid addiction?

11. What are the latest developments in cancer research?

12. How has the United Nations responded to North Korea’s missile development program?

13. What does the latest data suggest about consumer confidence in the United States?

14. What is the fate of the Common Core State Standards?

15. With congressional elections looming in 2018, what strategies are being employed by the Democratic Party?

16. What is the current state of relations between Russia and Ukraine?

17. What steps is the United States taking to solidify the nation’s international trade position?

18. What factors have prompted the increasing number of publicized sexual harassment allegations?

19. If changes under consideration to the U.S. H1-B visas are made, what will be the effects?

20. What are the primary objectives of special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation?


Informative Speaking Finals

1. How has the international community reacted to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

2. What are the causes of eruptions of violence in Niger?

3. Why is the FCC’s recent decision concerning net neutrality unpopular with many Americans?

4. How would a wall on the U.S. – Mexico border impact the Mexican economy?

5. Why has “school choice” become such a polarizing issue in the United States?

6. What factors have fueled Sebastian Piñera’s return to political power in Chile?

7. At the state level, what are the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana decriminalization?

8. What is believed to be contributing to the increase in obesity in Australia?

9. How have Uber’s management team attempted to repair their company’s image?

10. Why are some Texas legislators calling for gun control reform in the state?

11. How is India addressing the issue of political corruption?

12. What do current stock market trends suggest about the U.S. economic condition?

13. What major changes in U.S. foreign policy have occurred with Donald Trump as president?

14. What are the legal challenges currently facing George Papadopoulos?

15. How is the Brexit process affecting Britain’s economy?

16. What has Donald Trump accomplished during his first year in the White House?

17. What insight can be gained from Democratic victories in Virginia?

18. What are the latest developments in cellular phone technology?

19. Kim Jong Un: Why does he have the world’s attention?

20. How has Internet commerce affected consumer decisions in the United States?

Persuasive Speaking Prelims

1.    Should Iraq’s leaders change policies with respect to Kurdish groups in their nation?

2.    Is social media use causing an erosion of civility in the United States?

3.    Should Spain’s government agree to Catalonian independence?

4.    Is the glass ceiling firmly entrenched in corporate America?

5.    Is tension mounting between the United States and Russia because of the conflict in Ukraine?

6.    Do charter schools promote racial segregation?

7.    Are human rights violations occurring in the Philippines in the name of law enforcement?

8.    Would a high-speed rail system stimulate economic growth in Texas?

9.    Is the United States justified in reducing its payments to the United Nations?

10. Are public schools prepared for cyber-attacks?

11. Has the Afghanistan conflict become a quagmire for the United States?

12.  Does increased reliance on Artificial Intelligence pose risks to human existence?

13. Are state-mandated minimum wage hikes economically beneficial for states implementing them?

14. Is the United States becoming perilously close to a trade war with China?

15. Was passage of tax reform legislation of greater importance politically or economically for the nation?

16. Will recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital turn out to be a foreign policy mistake by the Trump administration?

17. Should the Food and Drug Administration streamline its process for approving new pharmaceutical drugs?

18. Should the international community be alarmed about environmental degradation of the Amazon region?

19. Is the credibility of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in doubt?

20. Should the Trump administration take the issue of climate change more seriously?

Persuasive Speaking Finals

1.    Five years after Sandy Hook: Have we learned anything?

2.    Will German officials achieve success in their effort to regulate hate speech on social media?

3.    Is President Trump’s criticism of the press warranted?

4.    Are extreme poverty levels a contributing factor to escalating violent crime in Central America?

5.    Does the strength of the two-party system obstruct the will of independent voters?

6.    Does Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have the complete support of President Trump?

7.    Have UN peacekeeping missions achieved success in sub-Saharan Africa?

8.    Are we making progress in addressing the opioid crisis in America?

9.    Is Apple using unscrupulous tactics to promote new products? 

10. Has the popularity of British Prime Minister Theresa May dramatically declined in recent months?  

11. Do early childhood preschool programs have long-term impacts?

12. Should the United States increase its financial commitment to manned space exploration?

13. Is Saudi Arabia currently in the midst of a political power struggle by rival factions?

14. Are current stock market trends indicative of continued U.S. economic growth?

15. Is the Dream Act justified?

16. Will driverless automobiles be commonplace on U.S. highways in the near future?

17. Are economic sanctions an effective foreign policy tool in dealing with North Korea?

18. Is Congress likely to pass major infrastructure legislation in the near future?

19. Are protests in Iran exposing a lack of trust by the nation’s populace in their leaders?

20. Should the United States provide Japan with anti-missile weapons?