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Soccer Manual Regular Season


Regular Season

Practice Regulations

Practice Regulations – During the school year

In-Season Practice Regulations - When School is in Session – Individual & Team Sports

  • Eight-hour practice rule:  School districts shall adopt policies limiting extracurricular activities from the beginning of the school week through the end of the school week (excluding holidays) by limiting practice outside the school day to a maximum of eight hours per school week per activity. 
  • The in-school athletic period does not count towards the allotted 8 hours.

Off-Season Practice Regulations - When School is in Session -Team Sports

  • Athletic Period – shall not exceed 60 minutes a day (300 minutes a week in a block schedule).
  • Sport specific skill instruction should happen during the athletic period as there is no time, outside the school day, allowed for skill specific instruction during the off-season.
  • Sessions for strength & conditioning instruction may be conducted by school coaches for students in grades 7-12 from that coaches attendance zone for sports in their off-season starting the first day of school. A strength and conditioning session shall be no more than one hour per day outside the school day, Monday through Friday, and a student shall attend no more than one session of supervised instruction per day.

Constitution and Contest Rules:  Section 5:  Definitions

  • Calendar week means 12:01 a.m. on Sunday through midnight on Saturday. 
  • School week means the week beginning at 12:01 a.m. on the first instructional day of a calendar week and ends at the close of instruction on the last instructional day of the calendar week, excluding holidays.

Practice Regulations - Outside the School Year

Preseason practice regulations for sports that begin practice prior to the school year are as follows.

  • The maximum length of any single practice session is three hours.
  • Student-athletes shall not engage in more than five hours of practice activities on those days during which more than one practice is conducted.
  • Schools shall not schedule more than one practice on consecutive days and student-athletes shall not participate in multiple practices on consecutive days. Exception: Volleyball.
  • On days when more than one practice is conducted, there shall be, at a minimum, two hours of rest/recovery time between the end of one practice and the beginning of the next practice.
  • What counts towards practice time? Actual on-court practice, sport specific skill instruction, mandatory conditioning, water breaks and rest breaks.
  • What doesn’t count? Meetings, weight training*, film study, injury treatment and voluntary conditioning. *Cannot be done during the two-hour rest between the two practices.

Sundays. A League participant school shall not participate in any athletic contest or conduct any practice, or teach any plays, formations, or skills on Sunday.

  • Violation.  Any showing of films to, or meetings of athletes for the purpose of instructions or reviewing of plays, formations, or skills in any sport will be construed as a violation.
  • Coaches Sunday Meetings.  This does not prevent coaches from meeting on Sunday or from viewing films or planning an instructional program, provided that no athletes are involved in this meeting.
Contest Scheduling 

Contest Scheduling Rules

The following section combines State Law, State Board of Education regulations, and UIL rules regarding scheduling and participation in a contest.   

  • One contest per school week:  According to State Board of Education mandates, students may only participate on one day per activity during the school week. School districts shall ensure no more than one contest or performance per activity is scheduled per student. *Exception:  Tournaments and post-season competition may be scheduled as an exception to the school week limit. As well, district varsity contests postponed by weather or public disaster, provided that they are rescheduled and played on the next available date, other than Sunday, on which another district match is not scheduled.  Junior varsity, freshman and junior high teams may not play postponed matches as an exception.
  • TEA and Participation:  The Texas Education Agency defines participation as being involved with the activity, traveling with the team, or sitting on the bench. Example:  On a Tuesday night, the student’s name is on the scorebook but she remains on the bench and does not actually enter the game.  This counts as participation for TEA but not UIL, this student would not be able to participate again until after school on Friday, per TEA regulations.
  • UIL and Participation: UIL defines participation if a student athlete actually entered the contest as a player. In the example above, the contest does not count as one of the allowable games as determined by UIL policy.


  • Calendar week means 12:01 a.m. on Sunday through midnight on Saturday. 
  • School week means the week beginning at 12:01 a.m. on the first instructional day of a calendar week and ends at the close of instruction on the last instructional day of the calendar week, excluding holidays. 
  • Post-district play means competition in UIL playoff series or contests such as bi-district, area, regional, etc.

Holiday Restriction (Section 1206 of C&CR)

(l) HOLIDAY RESTRICTION. A school shall not conduct contests or practices, use school facilities, personnel or equipment during five consecutive days of December. Any organized or required practice will be a violation of this regulation. Schools may choose any five consecutive days which include December 24, 25 and 26, with the following exceptions.

(1) When December 26 falls on a Thursday, schools may participate in a tournament game on December 26.
(2) When December 26 falls on a Thursday, schools shall still follow a five-consecutive day restriction, including December 24 and 25.
(3) No practice shall be permitted on any of the five consecutive days.
(4) Travel is not permitted on December 25.
(5) Travel is permitted onthe 26th if a tournament game is scheduled on December 27; however, no practice shall be permitted on the 26th.
(6) A team that has a game on December 23 could travel home on December 24 and still be in compliance with this section.
(7) A school may request an exception to these travel restrictions when safety concerns exist relative to travel. The UIL Executive Director, or his or her designee, may grant the exception only when the school has clearly provided evidence of the travel safety concerns and determines the school cannot reasonably be expected to comply with these restrictions.

Allowable Contests

Allowable Contests

Number of Contests allowed (2023-24)

  • 0 Tournaments and 21 games or
  • 1 Tournament and 19 games or
  • 2 Tournaments and 17 games or
  • 3 Tournaments and 15 games

Scrimmages. Schools are limited to two total scrimmages (with up to 4 participating schools) per calendar week. **This is the only limitation to scrimmages. 


  • Season Total.  A team or contestant shall not compete in more than three invitational tournaments plus 15 high school games. Two games may be substituted in place of a tournament. Exception: The district executive committee may authorize a single elimination game or tournament to resolve district ties.  This game cannot be pre-scheduled and it must count on the game per week limitation.
  • Games Per Day.  No high school team or contestant shall participate in more than two interschool soccer games per day, including tournaments. Exception: three games may be played in a one day tournament on a Saturday.
  • Games Per Week.  No high school team or contestant shall participate in more than two matched games per calendar week. The week of an invitational tournament only one matched game may be played. The state law limiting school week participation must be followed, (i.e., one contest Monday through Thursday night with the second contest after school Friday or Saturday).
  • Double Header. A student may play in a varsity and a junior varsity game or a ninth grade and a junior varsity game at the same site, the same night. It counts as the two total games the student may play for the calendar week and two of the total games for the season. Students may not play in a tournament the same week as they play in a double header.

Basketball and Soccer: 

(1) A single game; or 

(2) a double header (a student may play in a varsity and a junior varsity game or a ninth grade and a junior varsity game at the same site the same night). It counts as the two total games the student may play for the calendar week and two of the total games for the season. Students may not play in a tournament the same week as they play in a double header.

Soccer Tournament Regulations

Tournaments may be played during a week in which there is another scheduled contest if there is no violation of Texas Education Agency/State Board of Education regulations.

  • Number of Teams and Type of Play.  A tournament is defined as at least three teams assembled at one site for competition.
  • Scheduling.  Schools shall not schedule tournaments on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, unless school is not in session.  (See each sport plan for exception to resolve ties for district representatives.)  Schools may schedule tournaments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  A two-day tournament shall not be scheduled on Thursday and Friday.  A one day tournament must be scheduled on Saturday.
  • Pool Play. Teams can play regulation games (two per day) in pool play or they can play shortened pool play games of 20 minute halves with sudden death for ties. If teams are playing 20-minute halves pool play games, all pool play games combined would count as one of the two allowable games for that day.
  • Site.  A tournament must be held at the ISD of the host school, or at an adjoining ISD.  If the tournament does not exceed eight teams, the host school may authorize additional sites for preliminary round games.
  • Invitational Tournament Tie Games. In an invitational tournament, the tournament director shall set the tie breaking procedure to be used. This procedure should be explained to the coaches and referees prior to the start of the tournament.
Game Regulations

Playing Rules. The current National Federation Soccer Rules shall govern League soccer.  Rulebooks will be sent from the UIL office every other year.  Additional rulebooks may be ordered from the National Federation customer service office (800-776-3462) or  Schools may obtain scorebooks, court diagrams, lineup sheets, and libero tracking sheets from the National Federation.  

Length of Periods.  Two equal halves of 40 minutes each shall be played. (Periods may be shortened due to conditions which make it impossible to play). The half-time interval shall be 10 minutes.

Official Clock. If a visible time clock is available, it must be used and will keep the official time. National Federation Rules states: The home school timer shall be the official timer. However, by mutual agreement of opposing schools the official time may be kept by the head referee

Tie Games.  Each district Executive Committee must decide whether to: (A) end the game in a tie resulting in ½ game lost and 1/2 game won; (B) play two 10 minute overtimes; and/or (C) move directly to a shoot-out. The interval between the second half and the first overtime period shall be five minutes. The interval between the first overtime period and a second overtime period shall be two minutes.


  • District varsity soccer games postponed by weather or public disaster (not including illness) shall be rescheduled on the next available date, other than Sunday, on which another district game is not scheduled. These makeup games may be played as exceptions to the school week and calendar week limitations. District varsity games that are postponed by weather or public disaster, and not played on the next available date, shall be rescheduled and played on a date determined by the district executive committee.
  • Districts shall follow the rules set forth in their district executive committee meeting minutes which are set before the beginning of the season as they pertain to tie breaking situations, but may not be made up as an exception to the school week limitation.


  • Number of Officials: Rule 5, Article 1: The officials shall be a head referee and a referee, a single referee and two assistant referees or a center referee and two side referees assisted by a timer, scorer and at least two ball holders. Note: If a state high school association chooses not to select one system, competing schools may do so by prior mutual agreement. Suggested mechanics are included in the back of the Soccer Rule book for both the dual and diagonal systems of officiating.
  • Timer: The home school timer shall be the official timer. However, by mutual agreement of opposing coaches, the official time may be kept by the head referee.
  • Scorer: A reserve official may be appointed to assume the duties of the scorer. The reserve official is under the jurisdiction of the head referee and performs those duties as assigned.

Soccer Card Point System.

Kicks from the Penalty Mark Procedure.

District Certification
  • Sites. The district executive committee shall determine the site of district games in case of disagreement between the two teams.
  • District Disqualification. All schools in a district shall be disqualified from the state playoffs if its committee certifies to the League office a team which has used an ineligible player in any game that counted on League standing without taking appropriate penalties.
  • District Win/Loss Percentage. Non-district games between participating schools shall not count on a team’s percentage for district standings. Unless the district executive committee specifies otherwise prior to the season, tie games shall count as one-half game won and one-half game lost.
  • Inter-district Disputes. The State Executive Committee shall have jurisdiction in all disputes past the district level.
  • Instructions to certify district representatives
Miscellaneous Soccer Regulations

Warm-Up Games. Teams that have advanced to the playoffs may schedule a warm-up game after the District Certification Date that is set by the UIL calendar and before their first playoff game if a team has not reached their allowable season limit. School week limitations still apply. Note: Prior to district certification, games left in a team’s allowable season limit may be scheduled like any other regular season game.

  • Exception – Warm-up games for teams who have exhausted their season limit are given a UIL exception under the following conditions:
    • Teams that are a district champion and have a first-round bye.
    • The one game exception can be played only at the end of your school day on Friday, last day of instruction (with no loss of school time) or anytime on Saturday.

Guarentees for Contests.

  • In district and non-district games/matches, unless there is mutual agreement or a district executive committee ruling, the home team is entitled to 100% of the gate receipts.
  • In play-off games, the visiting team shall have a sufficient guarantee to cover expenses and also 50% of the net gate receipts unless mutually agreed upon by both schools.
  • A demand of a flat guarantee which is clearly in excess of expenses shall, upon action of the district or State Executive   Committee, disqualify the offending team from further participation. A flat guarantee for a visiting    teams expenses shall be in lieu of expenses and shall be calculated as expenses of the game, prior to division of the net gate receipts.
  • Expenses of visiting team, officials, advertising, labor, services, and printing incidental to the contest, shall be considered as expenses of the game. Number of persons allowed upon expense account shall be agreed upon by school administrators of teams involved. Unless mutually agreeable otherwise, the home team shall furnish a playing field or court without cost to the visiting school.


Non-Conference and District Contests

Videotaping/Filming by Schools.

  • It is a violation to film or videotape a non-conference or district athletic contest in which your school or team is not competing unless prior consent of the two schools involved has been obtained.
  • A school does not have to obtain permission to film or tape a NON-CONFERENCE OR DISTRICT contest in which it is competing. However, the film or videotape shall not be utilized until after the contest has been completed.
  • Films and videotapes become the property of the school doing the filming unless by district rule or by consent of the schools involved in the contest.
  • Videotaping/Filming by Individuals.  Any individual (other than the officially designated school camera) taping or filming must have prior permission from the schools involved in the contest and may not obstruct the view of other spectators of the contest.
  • Commercial Uses.  The use of the films or tapes for commercial purposes must be approved by all schools involved in the contest.