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Soccer Frequently Asked Questions

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How many games and tournaments are teams allowed to play throughout the season? 
No team or student shall compete in more than three invitational tournaments plus 15 soccer games in a season, including all games prior to the first playoff game. 2 games may be substituted in place of a tournament 
How many games are allowed per day in a tournament?
No high school team or contestant shall participate in more than two interschool soccer games per day, including tournament games. Exception: Contestants and teams may play three games in a one-day tournament scheduled on a Saturday.
How many scrimmages are allowed in a calendar week? 
No team or student shall participate in more than two scrimmages per calendar week. Only one scrimmage is permitted between Monday and the end of the school day Friday.
What color jersey does the home team wear? 
The home team shall wear dark jerseys and socks (dark is definted as any color which contrasts with white), and the visiting team shall wear solid white jerseys and solid white socks.
May teams that have advanced to the playoffs, schedule a warm-up game after District Certification?
Teams that have advanced to the playoffs may schedule a warm-up game after the District Certification date that is set by the UIL calendar and before their first playof game if a team has not reached their allowable season limit.
May card penalties be served during warm-up games?
No, card penalties may not be served in warm-up games.
What is the score of a forfeited game? 
The score of a forfeited game shall be 1-0 if the game is not started, the score is tied or the offending team is ahead at that time.  If the offending team is behind at the time of forfeit, the score at the time is the final score. 
What happens in the event a game must be suspended because of conditions which make it impossible to continue to play?
According to Rule 7 Section 3, the head referee shall declare it an official game if one complete half or more of the game has been played.  If less than one-half of the game has been played, unless the DEC specified otherwise in writing prior to the season,  the game is replayed from the start.  In postseason contests, a suspended game will be continued from point of suspension and played to completion.