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SMBC Entry Procedures

IMPORTANT: Review all the following information carefully prior to completing the online entry process. The printed program, announcer script, credentials, and administrator comp tickets will all be generated directly from this database.

State qualifying bands must submit the Official Entry online BY 3:00 PM ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25. Entry fee is $500. Performance schedules will be posted here.

EQUIPMENT TRUCKS – The equipment truck procedures, including entry and exit to and from the unloading lot as outlined in the contest information packet, WILL BE ENFORCED. Be sure this information is shared with your crew.

PPARKING PERMIT FEE – $100 per equipment truck and participant bus. 

REPERTOIRE – NEW!! The video streaming provider requires the title and composer for all the music in your show. You will be asked for this information when completing your entry.​

ANNOUNCER SCRIPT – The standardized announcer script is required to be submitted with your entry. A template may be viewed here: Announcer Script

GROUP PHOTO – A Group Photo to be used in the printed program must be uploaded when completing your entry. No director photos.​

Once you have completed this page and click the submit button, your band is officially entered in the contest. Our office will then email you:​

1) Invoice. Print two copies of the invoice.  Submit one copy of the invoice to your business office for processing and payment of your entry fees and parking permits. Retain the 2nd copy for your records. Payment DOES NOT need to be received prior to the contest. NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE CONTEST SITE​.

2) Detailed contest information packet. NEW!! All parking passes and director credentials will be picked up in LOT B when you arrive at the contest. NO INFORMATION WILL BE MAILED.

ENTRY LINK:  SMBC Online Entry