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Preparing a Budget for Academic Coordinators

General Supplies

These will not need to be purchased every year

  • Computer Applications/Journalism/Ready Writing - portable laptops, printers, software and supplies when applicable 
  • Computer Science (Programming) - required computer and software
  • Science/Math/Accounting/Calculator Applications - calculators that are allowable
  • Spelling & Vocabulary - American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition: Fiftieth Anniversary Printing (2018)

Annual Supplies

  • Instructional and study materials - UIL Academic Study Materials and practice materials form additional resource vendors
  • Literary Criticism - three paperbacks (novel, script, poems) and Handbook to Literature
  • Robotics - robot kits
  • Social Studies - primary text or novel
  • Science - physics reading selection
  • Speech & Debate - demonstration videos, magazine subscriptions, evidence handbooks, file folders, oral interpretation texts
  • One-Act Play - royalty, props, costumes, scenery, makeup
  • Theatrical Design - supplies


  • Stipends to coaches, academic coordinators
  • Entry fees to invitational, district and post-district meets. For some districts, the budget for hosting an invitational meet is a separate account since the event pays for itself. 

Professional Services

  • Fees paid to judges and other contest administrators and workers. Remember: much of work at invitational and district meets is voluntary. Recruit as many volunteers to assist as possible.


  • Student Activities Conference travel, meals
  • Capital Conference registration, travel, hotel, meals (for coaches, directors & coordinators)
  • Invitational meet travel, meals, entry fees
  • Travel/rooms/meals to district (if required)
  • Travel/rooms/meals for regional and state meet. Most likely, the majority of travel budget will be for post-district competition
  • Some school districts will pay for expenses incurred beyond the district level out of the district budget so they do not have to be included in the campus budget. 


  • Certificates
  • Patches, jackets
  • Awards banquet
  • “Thank you” gifts for academic coaches, not to exceed the awards rule in accordance with the C&CR