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Wild Card Teams Qualifying to Region

2023 Wild Card List

Wild Card teams are tentative and posted for a 24-hour verification period. Send disputes or questions to Wild card teams will be considered final on Wednesday 3/29 at 4 p.m.

A Wild Card team for an academic contest is the highest scoring 2nd place team in the region.

Note: There are eight districts in each region and four regions in each conference (Conferences 1A to 6A).
Districts 1-8 are Region I
Districts 9-16 are Region II
Districts 17-24 are Region III
Districts 25-32 are Region IV


2023 Region Wild Card Teams Final

For each Region, you will see a table that shows:
          Event           District (of the Wildcard)       School Team           Score (with tiebreaker(s) in parentheses)

The tiebreaker score is generally the score of the 4th team member (or 'No 4th member' if there was not one). 
For Computer Science, the Programming score is shown first, then the 4th team member's written score. 
Any Districts that had no contest results in an event are shown beneath the conference's wildcards.