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Assessment of all varsity wrestlers in the State of Texas may begin no earlier than October 1st. Skinfold measurement has been chosen as the standard method of body fat assessment for the Texas program. All varsity wrestlers, including those coming out late, must have their minimum weight established by hydration assessment and skin fold measurement prior to any competition with a student from another school.

Skin fold measuring must be completed two weeks prior to the district certification deadline. Results can be viewed and printed on the TrackWrestling website. A wrestler may not compete until the school has his/her name listed on the Alpha Master Roster.

Trained assessors will sponsor regional assessment opportunities for varsity wrestlers.Dates, times and locations are included here and will be updates on the UIL website as necessary. Schools will be responsible for transporting their athletes to the regional assessment site at the designated time. Some of the assessments will occur on Sunday as you will see below. As no instruction will occur in conjunction with these student assessments, it will not be considered a violation of the UIL Sunday Prohibition for the school to provide transportation to a student assessment on Sunday.

Should a varsity wrestler not be able to attend their designated assessment location, they can contact another regional assessment site and request to be assessed at that site. Otherwise, it will be the school’s responsibility to contact a designated regional representative in their area to arrange for skin fold measurement of varsity wrestler(s) at their school.

In all cases, the school is responsible for all charges for skin fold measuring. At this time, the fees are set at $5 per athlete. All payments for assessments must be made in cash at the time of the assessment to the assessor. Athletes will not be assessed until payment has been made. Schools whose students do not pre-register may be charged an additional fee for on site registration.

For the weight certification process, all athletes (male and female) shall wear a wrestling singlet. Student athletes appearing for certification and not wearing a wrestling singlet will be refused assessment.

Weight Certification Forms (available at should be prepared prior to test date for all athletes to be assessed that day. All information for the wrestler will be entered on both the top and bottom of the Weight Certification Form. The assessor will retain the top half of the form, the school and or coach will retain the bottom half of the Weight Certification Form.

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