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Spirit Frequently Asked Questions


Can you tell me what the UIL try-out requirements are for cheerleading?

A:   None exist. The try-out process is up to the discretion of the local school / district and coach.

Does a new student who transferred in need to wait 15 days before they participate?

A.   No, cheer does not fall under the transfer rule that athletic teams fall under. As long as a student is enrolled full-time in your school and academically eligible, they are able to cheer.

My daughter/son was on varsity as a junior, that means they are entitled to be on varsity as a senior, correct?

A.   Incorrect. A coach can require students to try-out each year to ensure the varsity team is as good as it can possibly be.

My superintendent did not select 'Spirit' on the varsity acceptance form in January, does that mean we cannot participate in the state spirit contest?

A:   No. The varsity acceptance form has nothing to do with the State Spirit competition. In order for a team to compete in the state event, they must register using the link that will be on the Spirit State Championship page in September.