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UIL Speaking Events

The UIL high school speech program consists of six events from three basic skill categories, plus Congress:

  1. Debate: Lincoln-Douglas and Cross-Examination
  2. Extemporaneous Speaking: Informative and Persuasive
  3. Oral Interpretation: Prose and Poetry

Students are permitted to enter 2 events in speech, and cross-examination debate.

UIL also sponsors Congress as an event. It is a fall/winter contest, so there is no restriction on entering Congress in addition to other speech or academic events.

If You Enter: You May Not Enter These Contests:
Team Debate (CX) Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team Debate (CX), Prose Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation
Prose Interpretation Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Poetry Interpretation
Poetry Interpretation Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Prose Interpretation
Informative Speaking Persuasive Speaking
Persuasive Speaking Informative Speaking

Invitational tournaments are hosted throughout the year. They are sponsored by a host school and are not specifically sanctioned by UIL, so they may or may not follow all UIL rules and procedures. Many of these are posted on the Academic Invitational Meets and Tournaments section of UIL web site.