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TalkTab Speech Tabulation Software

Speech Tabulation Program

PC-TalkTab is available as a free download from this web site. This computer program will determine contestant placements for individual speaking events in UIL tournaments according to the current UIL Constitution & Contest Rules. Additional enhancements are instruction messages, help menu, printing checker, flexible editing, placement diagnostics, and methods to mark no-show or tag disqualified contestants.

Version 3 is a Windows-native application and will work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Version 3 is NOT compatible with older versions of Windows. For any operating system prior to Windows XP, please download version 2, which is the older DOS version of the program. Either version will do correct tabulation.

Macintosh users must have Windows compatibility, through virtualization, emulation or Apple Boot Camp software, in order to run TalkTab.

A printer is not required but highly recommended for making two hard copy sheets, one to retain for records and the other for posting.

  • Download PC-TalkTab version 2 for older versions of Windows.

    After downloading, double-click to unzip the file.  You will see a self-extracting archive file called talktab.exe. Double-click the talktab.exe file to extract - be sure to browse to the location where you want the program to be saved (such as the Desktop). The extracted file is called TAB20.exe. Double-click TAB20.exe to launch the program.