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October Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking

  1. Why is Venezuela currently in crisis?
  2. How has FEMA stumbled in its response to survivors of recent hurricanes?
  3. Six decades after Sputnik: What is the state of Russia’s space program?
  4. What does the recent court ruling on “Jane Doe” mean for Texas’ abortion rights?
  5. Why is the United States increasing its counterterrorism efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  6. What steps can Congress take to promote future election security?
  7. Why have tensions increased between China and Japan in recent months?
  8. What trade obstacles does the UK face with the European Union in Brexit?
  9. Why was Harvey Weinstein ousted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?
  10. What allegations of corruption currently face the Kremlin?
  11. What proposals have lawmakers advanced to mitigate wildfires?
  12. How is Iran using the nuclear deal negotiations to leverage its military power?
  13. What steps have lawmakers made in achieving net neutrality?
  14. Why have far-right groups succeeded in recent European elections?
  15. Why is partisan gerrymandering on the Supreme Court’s agenda?
  16. How has the international community attempted to settle the crisis in Myanmar?
  17. Why have federal courts challenged President Trump’s recent travel ban?
  18. What is the significance of the People’s Republic of China writing President Xi Jinping into their constitution?
  19. Why are tech companies increasing their ad transparency?
  20. What are the details surrounding the FBI investigation of Russian uranium mining?
  21. How have lawmakers proposed to reform warrantless surveillance?
  22. How has Russia’s veto of the UN investigation on Syrian chemical weapons affected its legitimacy?
  23. What details do we have surrounding the ambushed US forces in Niger?
  24. What impacts could the quick spread of the Reaper IoT botnet cause?
  25. Why has Kaspersky’s cybersecurity software raised concerns about national security?

Persuasive Speaking

  1. Will Republican efforts to pass a bipartisan health care bill be a success?
  2. Is EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s leadership damaging the agency’s effectiveness?
  3. Should Canada be concerned about the dissolution of NAFTA?
  4. Will Senator Bernie Sanders succeed in running as an independent for the Senate in 2018?
  5. With tensions increasing on the Korean Peninsula, should the United States change its strategy with China?
  6. Is President Trump losing support from his veteran base?
  7. After its most recent presidential election, will the Czech Republic turn away from the European Union?
  8. The launch of Sputnik: Is its 60-year legacy ongoing?
  9. Will the most recent tax proposal by Congress benefit the middle class?
  10. Will Spain’s recent intervention in Catalonia slow independence?
  11. Should the United States pursue spending cuts to continue economic growth?
  12. How should the European Union make long-term growth more sustainable?
  13. Should the United States drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
  14. Will President Xi Jinping’s successor mark a major platform shift for China?
  15. Should establishment Republicans be hopeful in John McCain’s recent popularity?
  16. Should the US pursue a more aggressive military campaign against the Taliban?
  17. Will the declassification of the JFK assassination papers bring an end to the conspiracy theories?
  18. Should the United States eliminate the Jones Act?
  19. How should the international community act on LGBT persecution in Chechnya?
  20. Will support from the Mexican government be enough to halt Texas’ sanctuary city ban?
  21. Is the Gulf Cooperation Council on the verge of collapse?
  22. How should the United States respond to growing food shortages in Venezuela?
  23. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings, has there been a shift in congressional attitudes toward gun safety measures?
  24.  Should the United States pursue stronger sanctions on Iran?
  25. Has the United States been successful in its recent campaigns against the Islamic State?