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November/December Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking

  1. Why are tech giants slashing their workforces?
  2. What impact has the Covid-19 relief spending had on the U.S. 2022 fiscal budget?
  3. Why does Israel continue to carry out airstrikes against Syria?
  4. What legacy will Nancy Pelosi leave behind as Speaker of the House?
  5. Why is there unrest in China?
  6. Why has NASA decided to go back to the moon after 50 years?
  7. Why was Brazil’s latest election so consequential?
  8. Who is Karen Bass?
  9. Halloween: What led to tragedy in Seoul?
  10. Who is leading the Republican Party now?
  11. Crypto power player: Why did FTX collapse?
  12. Russia-Ukraine war: How is Ukraine preparing to face the harsh winter months?
  13. Why are American rail workers discontent?
  14. Why is Donald Trump being denounced for his choice of dinner guests?
  15. Why is Ticketmaster under scrutiny by Congress?
  16. Why have global stocks taken a downturn?
  17. COP27: What progress have the world’s countries made toward the goal of tackling climate change?
  18. Why is civil unrest in Haiti escalating?
  19. Why were there dramatic staff changes at Twitter?
  20. Why did Republicans fall short of their goals in the mid-term elections?
  21. What was achieved from the recent Biden – Xi summit?
  22. Where does the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan currently stand?
  23. What issues will be a priority of the 2023 Texas legislative session?

Persuasive Speaking:

  1. Is the world headed for a global economic crisis?
  2. Should Afghanistan move forward in developing its mineral deposits to help reconstruct the country?
  3. Elon Musk: Are hundreds of employees justified in leaving since his takeover of Twitter?
  4. Is cooperation between France and Germany vital to the European Union?
  5. Did the assault on her husband and the Capitol insurrection influence Nancy Pelosi’s decision to not seek reelection as Speaker of the House?
  6. Are Lebanese banks the cause for the recent bank holdups in that country?
  7. Is it appropriate for Congress to intervene in labor union negotiations?
  8. COP 27:  Should India’s pledges be trusted?
  9. Will legal accusations against Donald Trump cause a setback for him in his 2024 bid for the White House?
  10. Is Qatar benefitting from hosting the World Cup despite all the controversy?
  11. Disney leadership shakeup: Is bringing Robert Iger back the answer?
  12. Will Ukraine prevail in the Russian war against it country?
  13. Is more oversight needed over the cryptocurrency industry?
  14. Is there sufficient protection of congressional leaders’ families?
  15. Has the technology industry fallen on hard times?
  16. Is the United Nations effectively addressing the humanitarian crisis in Haiti?
  17. Is the Uvalde County district attorney impeding investigations into the Robb Elementary school shootings?
  18. Is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine proving unsuccessful?
  19. Has bitcoin’s bubble burst?
  20. Will Europe’s demand for natural gas reshape the future of the Middle East?
  21. Is antisemitism on the rise?
  22. Did redistricting play a significant role in the 2022 midterm elections for the House of Representatives?
  23. Artemis I mission: Has the NASA Orion spacecraft journey been a success thus far?