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Jana Riggins

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November/December Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking:

1.     What are the details of the Republicans’ newest tax proposal?

2.     Why is NATO boosting its defense operations?

3.     Why did the recent Texas constitutional amendments pass with large majorities?

4.     What are the details of the Saudi Arabian purge of government officials?

5.     What does Ed Gillespie’s loss in Virginia’s race for governor mean for the Democratic party?

6.     Why has drug-related violence been increasing in Mexico?

7.     How has the Trump administration affected US-Japanese relations?

8.     Why have far-right groups strengthened in Poland?

9.     What challenges do schools in Puerto Rico currently face?

10. What are the details of South African President Zuma’s corruption scandal?

11. Why is ObamaCare insurer competition declining?

12. How has the Iranian government responded to its recent devastating earthquake?

13. How has the recent security breach affected NSA operations?

14. What is the significance of Prime Minister Theresa May’s public comments about President Vladimir Putin?

15. What efforts has the Trump administration made to improve relations with China

16. Why has the European Union sought to improve its ties with Central Asia?

17. What conversations have the recent sexual assault accusations in Hollywood sparked?

18. How has Brazil mitigated its deforestation problem?

19. Why has gun violence remained so persistent in the United States?

20. Why has Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte received international criticism?

21. What challenges is the National Football League currently facing?

22. Why has GQ’s “Citizen of the Year” selection raised controversy?

23. Why is opioid addiction being called the worst crisis in American history?

24. What are Texas House Speaker Joe Straus’ plans for the future?

25. What options will Congress likely consider in order to pass DACA legislation?

Persuasive Speaking:

1.     Do Catalonian independence advocates need support from leaders of the European Union to succeed?

2.     How will the new GOP tax plan affect higher education?

3.     Should Taiwan be concerned about President Trump’s recent visit to Beijing?

4.     How will the new Trans-Pacific Partnership affect US trade?

5.     Are sanctions against North Korea succeeding?

6.     Is candidate Roy Moore causing a split among Republicans?

7.     How will the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri affect the influence of Hezbollah in that country?

8.     Should tech companies permit encryption backdoors for law enforcement?

9.     Should India be included in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation?

10. Will mandatory testing for transportation workers be successful in combating the opioid crisis?

11. Will the Nigerian army defeat Boko Haram in the near future?

12. Should Democrats be concerned about the nomination of Alex Azar to head the Health and Human Services?

13. Can international climate change efforts succeed without the U.S.?

14. How should Texas amend its infrastructure to accommodate for natural disasters?

15. Have relations between China and Taiwan worsened since the election of President Tsai Ing-wen?

16. Is Stephen Bannon more powerful outside the White House than within?

17. Is Cyril Ramaphosa likely to win the upcoming African National Congress presidential election?

18. Will the United States’ recent travel restrictions strain its relationship with Cuba in the long term?

19. Should the United Nations deploy peacekeeping troops in Eastern Ukraine?

20. How should universities work to effectively stop hazing on campuses?

21. Is this the end of Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe?

22. Can the U.S. protect future political elections from hacking?

23. Will hurricane recovery efforts in Houston, Puerto Rico and Florida take years?

24. Was President Trump’s recent overseas trip to Asia a success?

25. Is the international community failing Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims?