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November/December Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking

1. What can Americans expect from the Covid-19 Omicron variant?

2. What was the outcome of the COP26 Climate Summit?

3. What progress have Amazon workers made toward unionizing?

4. What is shaking up the College football world?

5. What is behind Jack Dorsey’s stepping down from CEO at Twitter?

6. How does the Biden administration plan to address concerns of America’s veterans?

7. What Texas populations in South Texas were most impacted by the recent redistricting efforts?

8. What did the Afghanistan war cost the United States?

9. What is the Build Back Better Act?

10. What steps can the international community take to help people displaced by the fighting in Ethiopia?

11. What is the controversy surrounding the NORD Stream 2 pipeline?

12. What consequences are likely from Turkey’s call for Syrian refugees to return home?

13. What is causing increased natural gas prices in the United States?

14.Why are proposed reforms to Span’s Citizen Security Law under protest?

15. What progress has ERCOT made to prepare Texas for another predicted winter storm crisis?

16. How can the United States help Ukraine?

17. What is so critical about the Supreme Court’s current docket?

18. What role will two-year community colleges play in the development of Texas’ workforce?

19. Why does Venezuela remain in crisis?

20. How can the United States achieve cleaner energy?

21. How can the Biden administration better position America’s nuclear arsenal to   match potential international threats?

22. What problems are emerging from the increased desire of professionals to work from home?

23. How can the United States curb inflation?

24. What progress has the January 6 panel made into the investigation of the Capitol insurrection?

25. Why is the Indo-Pacific a top priority region for the U.S. military?

26. Who is Elizabeth Holmes?

27. What is known about the school shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan?

28. Why have international countries hit Belarus with sanctions?

29. What new details about the shooting that occurred on the movie set of “Rust” have recently been revealed?

30. Why are young Americans pessimistic about the state of the U.S. democracy?

31. Why is Russia stepping up its international arms trade?

32. Why are manatees in Florida endangered?

Persuasive Speaking:

1. Have supply chain problems improved recently?

2. Can the United States become less dependent on foreign oil?

3. Is it time for the U.S. Senate to get rid of the filibuster?

4. What steps must be taken to limit gang activity in Haiti?

5. Have the actions of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema hurt the Democratic Party?

6. Should Brazil’s president be charged with crimes against humanity?

7. Why is the upcoming Texas Attorney General election such a highly-contested race?

8. Is Germany preparing to crack down on measures to contain a surge in Covid-19?

9. Is the Texas power grid ready for winter?

10. Can the Mexican government get the drug cartels under control?

11. Is the U.S. housing market headed for a crash?

12. Is Poland endangering its position as a member of the European Union?

13. Will improvements to America’s infrastructure increase U.S. companies’ global competitiveness?

14. Will recent moves by Israel to directly engage with the Palestinian Authority result in progress towards peace?

15. Can Beto O’Rourke make a successful run for the Texas gubernatorial office?

16. Is free community college in America no longer a viable proposal?

17. What must Saudi Arabia do to diversify its economy?

18. Should terms of Supreme Court Justices be limited?

19. Although acquitted, will Kyle Rittenhouse pay for his alleged crime?

20. Can Barbados successfully cut ties with Great Britain?

21. Has the partnership between the European Union and Libya in their “humanitarianism rescues” been successful?

22. Is the Biden administration concerned about the court-ordered reinstatement of the ‘Return to Mexico’ policy?

23. Is it likely the 2015 Iran nuclear deal can be revived?

24. Has the pandemic impacted educational gains in Texas schools?

25. Will the migration issue between France and Great Britain be easily solved?

26. Is the future of the Roe vs. Wade precedent in question?

27. Is the growing success of China’s space technology a threat to U.S. national security?

28. Are school board elections the key to larger conservative majorities in American politics?

29. Is climate change actually good for Russia?

30. Should the Women’s Tennis Association have suspended tournaments in China and Hong Kong?

31. Should the Canadian government do more to make amends with its indigenous communities?

32. Are American cities making progress addressing their homeless populations?