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November/December Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking:

  1. How is Congress addressing college access, costs and other policies in higher education? 
  2. What has been the impact of the U.S. military’s pullback from northeastern Syria?
  3. What are the steps involved in the impeachment process?
  4. Trade Agreements: How do the NAFTA deal and the new USMCA differ?
  5. Why is Twitter’s privacy protection for accounts under scrutiny?
  6. Who is Greta Thunburg?
  7. How is Disney+ impacting the U.S. streaming video market?
  8. What is known about the recent school shooting in Santa Clarita?
  9. How is the world reacting to Evo Morales’ resignation as president of Bolivia?
  10. What are the Democrats basing the two articles of impeachment of President Trump upon?
  11. How can China and India reduce tensions among the two nations?
  12. Why is Amazon challenging the Pentagon’s decision to award the JEDI contract to Microsoft?
  13. How is Michael Bloomberg impacting the 2020 presidential race?
  14. What is impeding President Trump from building the border wall he promised in his campaign?
  15. What steps can South Africa’s Democratic Alliance take to become relevant in their country’s politics?
  16. What have investigators learned about the recent deadly shooting spree in Jersey City?
  17. Global climate change: What is NASA learning about the changes to Antarctica and Greenland’s ice sheets?
  18. Why is there tension between Southern Methodist University (SMU) and the United Methodist Church (UMC)?
  19. What will China’s recent “3-5-2” policy mean for major technology firms in America?
  20. What challenges is Argentina’s new president, Alberto Fernandez, facing as he takes office?

Persuasive Speaking:

  1. A government in crisis: Will Bolivia’s democracy survive?
  2. Was the FBI justified in investigating a coordination between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia?
  3. Are the goals of the European Green Deal achievable?
  4. Has the CDCP made a breakthrough in discovering what caused an outbreak of vaping-related lung injuries?
  5. Would the rest of the European Union prefer to have the United Kingdom in or out?
  6. In light of recent shootings on Naval bases, should restrictions be increased to promote security?
  7. Has the international community responded appropriately to assisting Albania recover from recent earthquakes?
  8. Should Rudi Giuliani be indicted?
  9. Are pro-democracy groups making strides in Hong Kong?
  10. Does evidence exist to prove a quid-pro-quo between President Trump and the Ukrainian government?
  11. Should Texas raise the sales tax?
  12. Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: Does progress still need to be made?
  13. Are the actions of the federal government to address the opioid crisis showing positive results?
  14. Can peace be achieved in Afghanistan?
  15. Should the identity of government whistleblowers be unconditionally protected?
  16. Can U.S. nuclear talks with North Korea be salvaged?
  17. Four years later: Is The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) getting a passing grade?
  18. Is there a political future for Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen?
  19. What steps should Western nations take to encourage the development of democracy in Cambodia?
  20. Has the decline in enrollment in teacher preparation programs reached a crisis level for America’s schools?