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Extemp Prep Room Materials Guidelines

Allowed Extemp Prep Room Materials

1. Magazines, newspapers, journals. Examples: Newsweek, Dallas Morning News, Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs that may be highlighted in one color and include written citation information, but with no added annotations (explanatory notes or comments). 

2. Other published source materials. Example: reference books, atlas, book of quotations. 

3. Published speeches. Examples: the presidential State of the Union address, Vital Speeches

4. Online materials. Examples: printouts of published material from computer online data services if not modified or not in outline form that include the downloaded URL/copyright, the White House website. 

5. Index without annotation. Example: computer or handwritten list of subject titles/dates of magazines or folders included in the files. 

6. Computers or other electronic retrieval devices as specified in the UIL ERD Guidelines. 

Unallowed Extemp Prep Room Materials

1. Outlines. Examples: multi-colored highlighted articles that could be interpreted as an outline, outlines from previous speeches, debate briefs, pre-prepared outlines on possible topics. 

2 Prepared notes, extemp speeches, debate evidence handbooks. Examples: extemp subscription service analyses, database summaries of multiple sources on a specific topic. 

3. Unpublished handwritten or typed material other than an index. Examples: one or more articles cut and pasted into a single document, previously used extemp notecards, flow of a debate round. 

4. Index with annotations. Example: article title, with added comment, “great pro-con global warming.” 

5. Smart phones and cell phones; smart watches. 

Note: Examples are not all-inclusive.