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September Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking

  1. How are students getting involved in climate change?
  2. What is causing the tension between the United States and Iran?
  3. What is the latest news in the college admission scandal?
  4. How is President Trump’s trade war with China impacting the U.S. economy?
  5. Why is Purdue Pharma coming under strong criticism?
  6. What can Yemen’s neighbors do to prevent the nation from splitting in two?
  7. Why is there rising concern about e-cigarettes?
  8. How strong is the NRA lobby in America?
  9. Who will be blamed if the United States falls into an economic recession?
  10. How is El Paso coping with the recent mass shooting?
  11. What steps can Germany take to strengthen its shrinking economy?
  12. Following the Democratic presidential debates, who are the front-runners?
  13. What is the current state of Japan and South Korea’s relationship?
  14. Latin American asylum seekers: What immigration deals has the Trump administration been making recently?
  15. What do we know about Seth Ator?
  16. What is the current state of Israel’s government?
  17. Why is the Trump administration squaring off with the state of California?
  18. What impact has climate change had on the Earth’s oceans and glaciers?
  19. Why did General Motors auto workers choose to strike?
  20. How intense is the ethnic violence in Ethiopia?

Persuasive Speaking

  1. Does Elizabeth Warren’s single-payer Medicare-for-all plan outline enough specific details and implementation strategies?
  2. Has U.S. national security been compromised by President Trump’s phone conversation with the Ukraine president?
  3. Should drug companies who played a role in the U.S. opioid crisis face criminal charges?
  4. In light of recent protests in Hong Kong, how should China respond?
  5. Is the U.S. economy about to fall into a recession?
  6. Should the United States proceed with a more aggressive hardline foreign policy response to Iran?
  7. What steps should the United States take to decrease the negative impacts related to vaping?
  8. Is a bachelor degree worth the loan debt incurred by college students?
  9. What can be done to relieve the water crisis in Zimbabwe?
  10. Is Artificial Intelligence on its way to reshaping K-12 education?
  11. Are big companies going to take steps to deter environmental degradation?
  12. Will new American sanctions have an impact on the Venezuelan economy?
  13. Can Boris Johnson’s government survive a no-deal Brexit?
  14. In the college admission scandal courtrooms: Are the punishments fitting the crimes?
  15. Will anti-government protests in Egypt bring about leadership change?
  16. Does Texas need “red flag” laws?
  17. Will immigration be a central issue in the 2020 elections?
  18. Is Iran guilty of attacking Saudi oil facilities?
  19. Should smartphones be integrated into K-12 classrooms?
  20. How must we address gun violence in America?