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CX Champions History

Edward Freeman and Frank Lyons -El Paso HS

Willis McGregor and Arthur Lee - Fort Worth HS

Wayne Roy Howell and Finis Richard Senor - Corsicana HS

Wayne Roy Howell and Homer Watson - Corsicana HS

Ernest May and Jack Porter - Weatherford HS

Ted Mayes and Owen Barker - Sweetwater HS

Frank Moran and Lowell Braun - Oak Cliff HS

Kenneth McCalla and Philip Robertson - Brackenridge SA

James Hamilton and James Hart - Austin AUS

Helen Hardy and Mae Matthews - Mathis HS

Boys: Edwin Ramos and George Overton - Sweetwater HS
Girls: Gwendolin Walters and Etta Madrey - Wichita Falls HS

Boys: Raymond Gerhart and Julius Natisch - Brackenridge SA
Girls: Ruth Ropes and Olivia Baldesareli - Main Avenue SA

Boys: Douglas Ornes and Harry Campbell - Strawn HS
Girls: Stella Winters and Marjorie Woolsey - Wichita Falls HS

Boys: Edwin Davis and Pebbie Alford - Hubbard HS
Girls: Maxine Ogelvie and Lillie Rosenbaum - Fort Worth Central HS

Boys: Ladner Nau and Harold Brantley - Yorktown HS
Girls: Mary Nell Haddon and Mary Louise Murray - Main Avenue SA HS

Boys: Leroy Jeffers and Billie Hamblen - Holland HS
Girls: Lauris Serus and Helen Joiner - San Marcos HS

Boys: Aylmer McNeese and Ben David - Hubbard HS
Girls: Callie McKamie and Hilda Stallings - Moody HS

Boys: Walter Ely and Truett Barber - Abilene HS
Girls: Myrtice Rushing and Iladene Madelen - Temple HS

Boys: Frank Knapp and Jesse Villareal - Brackenridge SA HS
Girls: Lillian Ammann and Dorothy Bryan - Austin AUS HS

Boys: Billy Hall and Walter Brindley - Temple HS
Girls: Beatrice Young and Louise Harper - Temple HS

Boys: Warner Evans and Dick Sanders - Sherman HS
Girls: Roberta Hollingsworth and Mary Joe Durning - Sherman HS

Boys: Leonard Frank and Starley Alford - Brackenridge SA
Girls: Christine Lenox and Helen Hoover - Masonic Home FW

Boys: Forest Gee Heath and Finis Crutchfielf - Wichita Falls HS
Girls: June Grobien and Myrtle Robbins - San Houston HOU

Boys: John Stephen and Jim McGoodwin - San Jacinto HOU
Girls: Naomi Smith and Maurine Reed - Temple HS

Boys: Billy Harvin and Kay Nolen - San Jacinto HOU
Girls: Mary Alelen Neelley and Ella Sweigel - Waco HS

Boys: Frank Cage and Guilford Jones - Austin AUS
Girls: Dorothy Turner and La Rue Newton - Lindale HS

Boys: Frank Houghton and Aaron Witz - Denison HS
Girls: Anne Clumer and Helen McDaniel - Denison HS

Boys: Ben Ramey and Ralph Phelps - North Dallas HS
Girls: Winone Butler and Margaret Kelley - John H. Reagan HOU

Boys: Robert Sneed and Houghton Brownlee - Austin AUS
Girls: Irene Keith and Anette Greenfield - San Jacinto HOU

Boys: Charles Moskowitz and Neil Burch - Lamar HOU
Girls: Jamie Pace and Jewell McManus - Brackenridge SA

Boys: Cecil Munn and Jack Knowles - North Dallas HS
Girls: Jenelle Turner and Muriell Howell - Reagan HOU

Boys: Tommy Webb and Sam Henry Smith - Abilene HS
Girls: Stena Jean Caldwell and Grace Lester - Austin AUS

Boys: Israel Rabinowitz and Logan Smiley - Brackenridge SA
Girls: Virginia Hardy and Celeste McCollough - Reagan HOU

Boys: Billy May and Melvin Dow - San Jacinto HOU
Girls: Ruth Rimmer and Janie Tiepel - Adamson DAL

AA: Jack Murphy and Clarice Sargent - Grand Prairie HS
A: Jack Risher and Franklin Reed - Reagan HOU

AA: Kenneth Reed and Raymond Lankford - Reagan HOU
A: Doris Hardcastle and Bonnie Ruth Harrison - Idalou HS

AA: Boys: Jimmie Davis and Joe Stalcup - Adamson DAL Girls: Sara Wescoat and Loyse Hudson - Amarillo HS
AB: Marie Hopper and Wanda Jackson - Avery HS

City: Boys: Paul Jones and James Farmer - Adamson DAL Girls: Patsy Cunningham and Doris Gardner - Reagan HOU
AA: Boys: J.A. White and Dan Davis - Lubbock HS Girls: Flozelle Jones and Mary Beth Logan - Sweetwater HS
A: Boys: Richard Vann and Bobby Messer - Belton HS Girls: Virginia Buettner and Lou Hirsch - Hillcrest DAL

B: James Hunt and Charles Cusenbary - Sonora HS
City: Boys: Dick Sweetland and Kent Bendall - Lamar HOU Girls: Audrey Batchelor and Grace Reed - Reagan HOU
AA: Boys: Edward Candry and Allen Stilley - Freeport HS Girls: Dolores Kosberg and Charlotte Dorrill - Freeport HS
A: Boys: Stephen Bryant and Chriss Miller - Hillcrest DAL Girls: Beverley Toney and Sally Lindeman - Hillcrest DAL
B: Max Murray and Jack Ratliff - Sonora HS

City: Boys: Jonathan Malev and Bernie Dow - San Jacinto HOU Girls: Mary Patterson and Anne Balster - Reagan HOU
AA: Boys: Tom Hall and George Fremin - Beaumont HS Girls: Joanne Sheehy and Ann Willis - Waco HS
A: Boys: William Croom and Calvin Cilley - Pharr San Juan Alamo HS Girls: Joan Talley and Shirley Bradham - Atlanta HS
B: Ray Hill and Calvin Adkins - Keller HS

AA: Boys: Irvin DeVore and Gordon Robertson - Adamson DAL Girls: Katherine Snow and Sydney Billingsley - Lamar HOU
A: Boys: Gale Ripley and Raleigh Denison - Lampasas HS Girls: Pauline Pierce and Ann Barrett - Hillcrest DAL
B: E.J. Tarbox and Jeannette Meller - Darrouzett HS

AA: Boys: Murray Dutton and Lon Ed Rogers - Denton HS Girls: Mary Ethel Talley and Joyce Montgomery - Waco HS
A: Boys: Jack Taylor and Charles Dennis - Lampasas HS Girls: Hilda Mote and Ouida Neill - Hillcrest DAL
B: Tyree Hardy and Billy Scott - Sonora HS

AA: Boys: Rex Martin and Graham Campbell - Lamar HOU Girls: Renee Duster and Sara Ann Lasser - San Jacinto HOU
A: Boys: Robert Gustwick and Julius Handelmann - Yoakum HS Girls: Beverly Bell and Annesste Robinson - Hillcrest DAL
B: Jimmy Larkin and Don Smith - Valley Mills HS

AA: Boys: Harrison Wagner and Ewing Werlein Jr. - Levelland HS Girls: Sara Alice White and Jackie Shaw - Alice HS
A: Boys: Elmo Schwab and Ernest Smith III - Gonzales HS Girls: Betty Copeland and Robbie Sue Johnson - Levelland HS
B: Bettie Ethridge and Sallie Conn - Fabens HS

AA: Boys: Ronny Katz and Bert Adkins - San Jacinto HOU Girls: Margie Moore and Barbara Northcutt- Adamson HS
A: Boys: Paul Burns and Bennie Sarrett - Kenedy HS Girls: Charlotte Flowers and Pat Wood - Perryton HS
B: Richard Simmons and Johnny Caldwell - La Feria HS

AA: Boys: John Boyd and Richard Caldwell - Reagan HOU Girls: Cynthia Hall and Carol Anne Winters - Lamar HOU
A: Charles Taylor and Harry Reasoner - San Marcos HS Girls: Patty Tandy and Lynette McGinty - Cypress Fairbanks HS
B: Rudolfo Hernandez and Peter Freeman - La Feria HS

AA: Boys: George Schell and James Grevelle - Waco HS Girls: Barbara Campbell and Donna Nelson - Waco HS
A: Boys: Humberto Garcia and Pete Garcia - Falfurrias HS Girls: Betty Jane Fail and Gail Bennett - Grand Saline HS
B: Margaret Randel and Lynn Weiser - Panhandle HS

AA: Boys: Sheldon Mixon and Michael Henke - Waco HS Girls: Carolyin Evans and Dorothy Bruce - Waco HS
A: Boys: Charles Casey and Frank Smith - Crystal City HS Girls: Genevieve Hogue and Helen Alexander - Commerce HS
B: Anne Seger and Gary Wright - Mission Sharyland HS

AAAA: Boys: Mike Hall and Gene Clements - Lamar HOU Girls: Harriet Schaffer and Judy Bell - Bellaire HOU
AAA: Boys: Aubry Ferguson and Bruce Baker - Carthage HS Girls: Kay Carriker and Marilyn Harris - Carthage HS
AA: Boys: David Bray and Lonnie Wheeler - Tahoka HS Girls: Patsy Roesler and Delinda Frazier - Cypress Fairbanks HS
A: Charlene Garrison and Torance Vandygriff - Cooper HS
B: Kay Harmon and Patricia Flaherty - Happy HS

AAAA: Boys: John Glaney and Mike Joffee - Hillcrest DAL Girls: Sandra Hupp and Linda Wall - Odessa HS
AAA: Boys: John Arnold and Beau Boulter - Levelland HS Girls: Linda Nail and Annette Shephard - Carthage HS
AA: Boys: Boyd Armstrong and Charles Stringfelloe - Alpine HS Girls: Darlene Bearrick and Linda Davidson - Wharton HS
A: John Rogers and Johnny Glenn - Canadian HS
B: Robery Allen Moore and Betty Gaines - Rankin HS

AAAA: Boys: Fred Plog and Lee Projector - El Paso HS Girls: Gale Gooch and Martha New - Garland HS
AAA: Gus Fargarson and Craig Buck - Carthage HS Girls: Marilyn Turpin and Mary Kay Maudlin - San Marcos HS
AA: David Laird and Terry Horton - Tuloso-Midway HS Girls: Carolyn Swogetinsky and Ann Highiabedian - Katy HS
A: Alan McCarty and Jack Waller - Sunray HS
B: Barbara Randall and Tom Pratt - Hico HS

AAAA: Boys: Fred Plog and Lee Projector - El Paso HS Girls: Gale Gooch and Martha New - Garland HS
AAA: Boys: Sam Baxter and Ernest Higginbotham - Carthage HS Girls: Peggy Wallace and Lynell Jackson - Carthage HS
AA: Boys: William J. Gardner and Kyle James Gideon - Coleman HS Girls: Paula Oates and Anne Hegelund - Alpine HS
A: Carol Lacey and Sue Jane West - Rankin HS
B: Kenneth Narahara and David Blevins - Mission Sharyland HS

AAAA: Boys: Jack Urquhart and John Skarhak - Spring Branch HOU Girls: Karen Clifford and Ione Gray - Bellaire HOU
AAA: Boys: Ernest Higginbotham and Sam Baxter - Carthage HS Girls: Nan Booker and Karen Coon - Waco HS
AA: Boys: Charles Chick and Gary Jones - Longview Pinetree HS Girls: Nine Ed Bovell and Shirley Smallwood - Muleshoe HS
A: Gene Stewart and Walter Cooke - Ingleside HS
B: Gene Springfield and Gray Ligon - Lott HS

AAAA: Boys: Dick Symonds and David Zarefsky - Bellaire HS Girls: Lynna Joseph and Cindi Heinemeir - Alamo Heights SA
AAA: Boys: Mike Faver and Terry Satterwhite - San Macos HS Girls: Melanie Love and Linda Ward - Corsicana HS
AA: Boys: Rodger Bednar and Ronnie Moore - Liberty HS Girls: Karen Cloud and Regina Ronspiez - Los Fresnos HS
A: Rufus Oiver and George Wilson - Groesbeck HS
B: Sherry Haliburton and Betsy Johnson - Vega HS

AAAA: Boys: Jerry Protho and Rick Fussek - Midland HS Girls: Beck Gray and Darla Darville - Odessa HS
AAA: Boys: David Schofield and Gary Priour - Kerrville HS Girls: Martha Fisher and Marilyn Mackey - New Braunfels HS
AA: Boys: John Talmadge Jr. and Evans Drake - Boling HS Girls: Barbara Coward and Diania Noviskia - Bellville HS
A: Gaston Welborn and Bonner Bowden - Munday HS
B: Larry Speck and Eileen Molley - Friendswood HS

AAAA: Boys: Jeff Reynolds and Bob Malone - El Paso Irvin HS Girls: Yvonne Marcuse and Janice Salzman - Jones HOU
AAA: Boys: Ronnie Ragsdale and David Hendrick - Andrews HS Girls: Sally Renfro and Claudia McCombs - Deer Park HS
AA: Boys: Richard Wilson and Boone Peek - Jacksboro HS Girls: D'dee Collard and Linnie Bollinger - Spearman HS
A: Bonner Weldon and Gaston Welborn - Munday HS
B: Rhea McCutcheon and Marsha Dodson - Robert Lee HS

AAAA: Boys: Jim Bays and Bobby Davis - Denton HS Girls: Nina Turner and Melissa Marcus - Memorial HOU
AAA: Boys: Lynn Armstrong and David Lancaster - Kermit HS Girls: Kathy Gresham and Susie Sechrest - Furr HOU
AA: Boys: Don Cage and Brit Newton - McCamey HS Girls: Linnie Bollinger and D'dee Collard - Spearman HS
A: Cathy Robinson and Martha Sue Page - Eldorado HS
B: Larry Speck and Eric Charlton - Friendswood HS

AAAA: Boys: James Robbins and John Reynolds - Memorial HOU Girls: Pam Hueszel and Lynette Carpenter - Spr. Branch
AAA: Boys: Danny Bonner and Mike Fox - Sulphur Springs HS Girls: Linda Greaves and Linda Rowlett - Andrews HS
AA: Boys: Gary Davis and Richard Davis - Goliad HS Girls: Lisa Curry and Linnie Bollinger - Spearman HS
A: Jim Worsham and Pat Quinn - Clint HS
B: Beth Morehead and Ginger Tongate - Meadow HS

AAAA: Boys: Brad Westmoreland and David Wade - Lamar HOU Girls: Bob Johnson and Dean Haynie - Sherman HS
AAA: Boys: Shelton Smith and John Parish - Andrews HS Girls: Hollis Turnham and Judy Harkness - Nacogdoches HS
AA: Boys: Mike Haynes and Alan Jackson - Lindale HS Girls: Linnie Bollinger and Lisa Curry - Spearman HS
A: Ricky Kuehler and Patty Partridge - Munday HS
B: Jana Smith and Teena Cato - Vernon Lockett HS

AAAA: Boys: Bryan Jack and Bobby Jones - Tyler Lee HS Girls: Charisse Locke and Debbie Ginsberg - Hillcrest DAL
AAA: Boys: Dennis Vercher and Jeff Collman - West Orange HS Girls: Barbara Carter and Kathy Martin - Snyder HS
AA: Boys: Alan Jackson and Mike Haynes - Lindale HS Girls: Christy Alberecht and Lillian Snyder - Goliad HS
A: Mark Vale and Paul Hurt - Friendswood HS
B: Rudy McCallister and Lonnie Hayes - Meadow HS

AAAA: Boys: Steve Fuchs and Gary Walkow - Bellaire HOU Girls: Betsy Sleley and Ann Kovich - Adamson DAL
AAA: Boys: James Clack and Zenas Hutchinson - Andrews HS Girls: Cynthia Leah Clack and Nola Jan Fisher - Andrews HS
AA: Boys: Steve Tye and Doug Svien - Randolph Universal City HS Girls: Camille Baggerly and Jean Porter - Spearman HS
A: Mike Berry and Val Laughlin - Overton HS
B: Lonnie Hayes and Rudy McCallister - Meadow HS

AAAA: Boys: Miles Cohn and Resse Dennis - Lamar HOU Girls: Gina Moreland and Candice Howard - Westchester HOU
AAA: Boys: Jim Jones and David Knight - Sulphur Springs HS Girls: Linda Mason and Martha Chapman - Muleshoe HS
AA: Boys: Bill Berk and Dexton Shores - Zapata HS Girls: Jean Porter and Camille Baggerly - Spearman HS
A: Val Laughlin and Mike Berry - Overton HS
B: Lewis Issacks and Jerry Bowman - Clyde Eula HS

AAAA: Boys: Jonathan Ellis and Glenn Sowell - San Marcos HS Girls: Carrin Patman and Sarah Goodfriend - SFA Austin HS
AAA: Boys: Mark Milson and Mike Craven - Everman HS Girls: Patti Bellis and Peggy Parish - Gregory Portland HS
AA: Boys: Jeff Holland and Bill Suhr - Alief HS Girls: Kellee Campbell and Julie Martin - Katy HS
A: Mandy Harmon and Becky Large - Robert Lee HS
B: Lewis Issacks and Jerry Bowman - Clyde Eula HS

AAAA: Boys: Roger Wright and Douglas Owens - Nederland HS Girls: Suzan Stevens and Diane Jones - Rider WF
AAA: Boys: Ricky Weaver and Keith Grantham - Grapevine HS Girls: Peggy Parish and Patti Bellis - Gregory-Portland HS
AA: Boys: Benny Cason and George Garcia - Premont HS Girls: Connie Rice and Renee Haines - Randolph Universal City HS
A: Boys: Mark Adams and Bill Ed Crowley - Archer City HS Girls: Sandra Michna and Brenda Wells - Louise HS
B: Boys: Ricky Tawnes and Edwin Shirmer AND Girls: Lisa Schmidt and Deana Carriger - Skidmore-Tynan HS

AAAA: Sam Crawford and David Butler - Macarthur SA
AAA: David Singleton and Greg Read - Alief HS
AA: Sim Israeloff and David Davis - Cole SA
A: Brent Rickels and Elvin Caraway - Spur HS
B: Ann Reader and Elaine Schendel - Runge HS

AAAA: Joan Shapiro and Andy Siegel - Hillcrest DAL
AAA: Kirk Watson and Brenda Pope - Boswell HS
AA: Charles Arnold and Glen Patrick - Lindale HS
A: Anne Singletary and Marla Collins - Alto HS
B: Stephen Skaggs and Chuck Durham - Adrian HS

AAAA: Andy Siegel and Jon Haslett - Hillcrest DAL
AAA: Jim Gibbs and Kevin Lawrence - Orange Stark HS
AA: Royce Clay and Tom Pepper - Muleshoe HS
A: Phyllis Burkett and Michael Player - Gladewater Sabine HS
B: Ron Roberson and Steve Cowley - Forsan HS

AAAA: Shawn Crane and Marcia St. John - Eastwood EP
AAA: Kyle Watson and Steve Sanders - Saginaw Boswell HS
AA: Jan Capps and Susan Capps - George West HS
A: Barbara Beckindorf and Lara Wilde - Brookshire-Royal HS
B: Steve Cowley and Ron Roberson - Forsan HS

AAAA: Ralph Shain and Amir Halvey - Bellaire HOU
AAA: Scott Deatherage and Greg Hawkins - Friendswood HS
AA: Tommy Ratliff and Ron Clyde - Van Vleck HS
A: Mike Dubois and Jack Yeager - Spur HS
B: Glynda Burkett and Jana Love - Gail Borden County HS

AAAA: Oscar Kazen and Gregg Groogan - Nixon LAR
AAA: Mary Ellen Helnen and Josh Guajardo - Pleasanton HS
AA: Mark Blankenship and Mark Zachary - Friona HS
A: Glen Kersey and Robbie White - Shallowater HS
B: Keri Payne and Terre Lynn Kinsey - Austwell-Tivoli HS

AAAAA: Waco Richfield HS
AAAA: Matt Fiedler and John O'Herren - Friendswood HS
AAA: Mark Zachary and Mark Blankenship - Friona HS
AA: Joel Howard and Stuart Miller - Shamrock HS
A: Tracy Greer and Matt Alexander - Dallas Public Service Magnet HS

AAAAA: Doug Griffith and Dennis Black - Memorial HOU
AAAA: Anne O'Herren and Joe Anne Schraeder - Friendswood HS
AAA: Glen McQuien and Marilyn Meyer - Lake Dallas HS
AA: Tammy Miller and Carrie Garret - Garrison HS
A: Pam Bakes and Norma Rathkamp - Austwell-Tivoli HS

AAAAA: Kyle Garrison and Joey Lumpkin - Amarillo HS
AAAA: Glen McGee and Stephen McCleery - Waco HS
AAA: Kay Horton and Dean Carter - Willis HS
AA: David Hanson and Mike Robbins - Hardin HS
A: Mark Stewart and Danny McGuire - Weinert HS

AAAAA: Arthur Friedman and Mike Garza - McAllen HS
AAAA: Nathan Home and Phillip Oldham - Buda Hays HS
AAA: Liz Maxwell and Lana Hill - Bishop HS
AA: Brad Dickey and Kirk Crutcher - Archer City HS
A: Norma Rathkamp and Pam Banks - Austwell-Tivoli HS

AAAAA: Diana Lovell and Melissa Miller - Lubbock Coronado HS
AAAA: Brooke Shuelke and William Templeton - Buda Hays HS
AAA: Roy Schlegel and Steve Poston - Mission Sharyland HS
AA: Andrew Rorschach and Steve Deterling - Schulenburg HS
A: Laurie Damron and Wade Donnell - Sudan HS

AAAAA: Craig Silvertooth and Michael Tomz - Churchhill HS
AAAA: David Coale and Troy Ficklin - Allen HS
AAA: Sara Blanchard and Nancy Kobs - Orangefield HS
AA: Mitchell Bradley and Felix Ramos - Eldorado HS
A: Von Jones and Beth Roger

AAAAA: Jenny Wicks and Jeanie Han- Carrollton- Newman Smith HS
AAAA: Brooks Schuellce and Wesley Ward - Buda Hays HS
AAA: Keith Ludwick and Bart Herridge - Marble Falls HS
AA: Janet Reynolds and Greg Richards - Groveton HS
A: Holly Edge and Mary Ann Villarreal - Austwell-Tivoli HS

AAAAA: Stephen Lee and Brian McBride - Westbury HOU
AAAA: Aaron Bas and Ward Sayre - Gregory-Portland HS
AAA: Benjamin Ortlz and Leti Ortlz - La Feria HS
AA: Brad Allen and Christopher Chaput - Vanderbilt: Industrial HS
A: Austin Camp and Kevin Menzel - Thorndale HS

AAAAA: James Hamilton and Theodore Scott - Westfield HOU
AAAA: David Haworth and David Kim - West Orange-Stark HS
AAA: Christopher Duke and Robert Butcher - Barbers Hill HS
AA: Billy Tyler and Douglas Mayfield - Archer City HS
A: Austin Camp and Kevin Menzel - Thorndale HS

AAAAA: Nicholas Montfort and Daniel O'Brien - Lee SA
AAAA: David Haworth and David Kim - West Orange-Stark HS
AAA: Christopher Duke and Robert Butcher - Barbers Hill HS
AA: Kevin Franta and Duncan Sczepanik - Karnes City HS
A: Austin Camp and Kevin Menzel - Thorndale HS

AAAAA: David Gonzalez, René Sepúveda - Churchill SA
AAAA: Nicholas Eve, Bryan Dillon - Calallen CC
AAA: Chad Sosolik, Kevin Keiningham - Vernon HS
AA: Cassandra Saxon, Duncan Sczepanik - Karnes City HS
A: Kenneth Rivard, Bradley Mullins - Christoval HS

AAAAA: Marc Stein and Jared Simon - Clark SA
AAAA: Jon Schnautz and Sean Tiffee - Buda Hays HS
AAA: Dusty Boyd and Thad Norvelle - Crane HS
AA: Richard Holcomb and Michael Holcomb - Tom Moore HS
A: Keith Swink and Erica Schwarz - Aspermont HS

AAAAA: Leigh Linden and Robert Merz - Katy Taylor
AAAA: Eric Cox and Collin Cox - Waco Midway
AAA: Emily Stephens and Molly Stephens - Barbers Hill HS
AA: Kim McKenzie and Ginger Murphy - Wall HS
A: Erica Schwarz and Keith Swink - Aspermont HS

AAAAA: Jon Hines and Chris Brasure - Grapevine HS
AAAA: Joshua Leamons and Elizabeth Tsai - Clearbrook HS
AAA: Tammy Ward and Casey Boehm - Sealy HS
AA: Sarah Graham - Stratford HS
A: Darren Hundt and Tanner Neidhardt - Lindsay HS

AAAAA: Justin Green and Simon Peron - Katy Taylor HS
AAAA: Shawn Achor and Phillip Edwards - Waco Midway HS
AAA: Justin Mock and Jonathan Mock - Denver City HS
AA: Krista Green and Dustin Parks - Stinnett West Texas HS
A: Kathy Fullen and Tara Sanders - Lago Vista HS

AAAAA: Jeff McNabb and Kim Sikora - Katy Taylor HS
AAAA: Amy Achor and Shawn Achor - Waco Midway HS
AAA: Jonathan Mock and Justin Mock - Denver City HS
AA: Eric Opiela and Robert Martinez - Karnes City HS
A:Steven Tepera and Matthew Murrell - Lindsay HS

AAAAA: Justine Fisher and Joey Tavery - Lee SA HS
AAAA: Eric Furbish and Matthew Tiffee - Buda Hays HS
AAA: Kristin Long and Justin Mock - Denver City HS
AA: Lance Currie and Natalie Sherz - Wall HS
A: Shaina Moss and J.T. Williams - Jayton HS

AAAAA: Lucas Mikeska and Jason Cottle - Spring HS
AAAA: Dan Wachdorf and Cliff Sands - Schertz Clemens HS
AAA: Justin Mock and Kristin Long - Denver City HS
AA: Joel Wallace and Jon Koenig - Holliday HS
A: Amy Emerson and Richard Estrada - Christoval HS

AAAAA: Stephen Anderson and Loren Dent - Georgetown HS
AAAA: Aaron Garza and Bobby de la Rosa - Mercedes HS
AAA: Clint Burney and Justin Grimsley - Friona HS
AA: Michael Kendall and Abbas Ravjani - Lindsay HS
A: Megan Parrish and Sara Tipton - Springlake-Earth HS

AAAAA: Tommy Duckworth and Ryan Roquemore - Odessa HS
AAAA: Allison Bucy and Rachel Perez - Hewitt Midway HS
AAA: Lesley Lawrence and Brooke Snoddy - White Oak HS
AA: Brett Mouser and Eric Tschetter - Blanco HS
A: Clay Tiffin and Matthew DeLeon - Springlake-Earth HS

AAAAA: Jenn Harvey and Lauren Kincke - Round Rock HS
AAAA: Jesse Forrester and Andrea Reed - Highland Park DAL
AAA: Westin Price and Rocky DeHoyos - Muleshoe HS
AA: Laci Myers and Morgan Jones - Shelbyville HS
A: Jeremy Polk and Jason Neal - Whitharral HS

AAAAA: Kevin Lennox and Gabby Rodriguez - Houston Jersey Village HS
AAAA: Patrick Epperson and John Long - Crosby HS
AAA: Jana Summers and Jennifer Taylor - Royse City HS
AA: Blaine LaBron and Michael Morelli - Gunter HS
A: Michael Wills and Kayla Biggerstaff - Christoval HS

AAAAA: Sadie Dunn and Rachel Felderhoff - College Station A & M Consolidated HS
AAAA: Jaime Flores and Ricardo Galindo - Mission Sharyland HS
AAA: Kevin King and Elizabeth London - Carthage HS
AA: Taylor Norwood and Luke Walker - Callisburg HS
A: Billy Roper and John Wilson - Gail Borden County HS

AAAAA: Tim Schweitzer and Ralph Paone – Galveston Ball HS
AAAA: David Black and John Johnson – Conroe Caney Creek HS
AAA: Rory McKenzie and Lauren Bibby – Lindale HS
AA: Luke Walker and Taylor Norwood – Gainesville Callisburg HS
A: Billy Roper and John Wilson – Gail Borden HS

AAAAA: Yao Yao Chen and Elaine Zhou – Plano HS
AAAA: David Black and John Johnson – Conroe Caney Creek HS
AAA: Kenny Cauthen and Nicole Yeakley – Lindale HS
AA: James Busch and Zane Schwarzlose – Blanco HS
A: Rachel Wilson and John Wilson – Gail Borden HS

AAAAA: Blake Gilson and Lara Pena – Fort Bend Hightower HS
AAAA: Mark Isaacson and Valerie Johnson – Bay City HS
AAA: Malone Allen and Matt Howard – Wimberley HS
AA: Jeffery Mitchell and Carly Weaver – Holliday HS
A: Veronica Page and Willem Stockton – Thorndale HS

AAAAA: Marc Legrand and Vish Mukherjee – Round Rock Westwood HS
AAAA: Matthew Carswell and Jon Slotter – Crosby HS
AAA: Sara Cerny and Patricia Jaloway – Sealy HS
AA: Nicolas Kamas and Miriam Shoemaker – Blanco HS
A: Rowdy Clary and Rachel Wilson – Gail Borden County HS

AAAAA: Steven Murray and Jeffrey Xu - Westwood HS
AAAA: Kathryn Grebe and Amy Powell - Bay City HS
AAA: Hannah Abernathy and Hillary Malone - Palestine HS
AA: Siohma Moore and Kirsten Weber – Blanco HS
A: Katie Wallace and Rachel Wilson – Borden HS

AAAAA: Keven Clarke and Shikhar Singh - Ft Bend Dulles HS
AAAA: Andrew Cornish – Tyler Gregston - Hallsville HS
AAA: Trista Bishop and Erik Scott - Bandera HS
AA: Duncan Hall and Megan Mumford - Lago Vista HS
A: Hank Stolte and Preston Stolte - Thorndale HS

AAAAA: Kevin Clarke and Faraz Hemani – Ft Bend Dulles HS
AAAA: Neil McCray and Taylor Wilhite – Hallsville HS
AAA: Kyle Lastovica and Chris Leonardi – Smithville HS
AA: Duncan Hall and Megan Mumford – Lago Vista HS
A: Jamie Hill and Haley King – Fort Davis HS

AAAAA: Faraz Hemani and Usamah Andrabi – Ft Bend Dulles HS
AAAA: Peter Martinez and Leonardo Vela – Mercedes HS
AAA: Catherine Bradshaw and Zach Wesley – Crandall HS
AA: Julie Book and Logan DeBord – Vanderbilt Industrial HS
A: Kevin Thompson and Stephanie Lowther – Rising Star HS

AAAAA: Humza Tariq and Faraz Hemani, Ft Bend Dulles
AAAA: Andrew Barron and Margaret Solice, Pflugerville Hendrickson
AAA: Kaitlyn Bull and Carver Hodgkiss, Paris North Lamar
AA: Annie Albrecht and Eleanor Kirkscey, Blanco
A: Savanna Barksdale and Hunter Hall, Farwell

AAAAA: Andrew Barron and Pedro Segura- Pflugerville Hendrickson
AAAA: Jacob Gonzales and Ashley Lance- Crosby
AAA: Steven Hullum and Evan Merritt- Tyler Chapel Hill
AA: Eric Herrera and Sundae Williams- Houston Academy of Intl. Studies
A: Savanna Barksdale and Hunter Hall, Farwell

AAAAA: Kushal Kadakia, Ashwin Varma, Houston Clear Lake
AAAA: Ashley Lance and Nelson Zepeda, Crosby
AAA: Meridith McDonald and Madalyn Mikkelsen, Athens
AA: Isaac Hopkins and Abigail Sullivan, Salado
A: Mollie McMeans and Zach McMeans, Gail Borden

AAAAAA: Zaki Alattar, Albert Li, Katy: Taylor
AAAAA: Alec Ramsey, Jonas Thrasher-Evers, Lindale
AAAA: True Head, Matthew Hernandez, Athens
AAA: Cody Crowe, Adam Wilson, Whitesboro
AA: Colton Bowman, Logan Kelley, Abernathy
A: Savannah Phillips, Carson Faith Wienecke, Lometa

AAAAAA: Nico Williams, Cody Snow, Pflugerville: Hendrickson HS
AAAAA: Alec Ramsey, Jonas Thrasher-Evers, Lindale HS
AAAA: True Head, Matthew Hernandez, Athens HS
AAA: Kandace Donald, Ian Stark, Comanche HS
AA: Beatriz Melendez, Jose Luis Melendez, Sudan HS
A: Savannah Phillips, Carson Faith Wienecke, Lometa HS

AAAAAA: Hayden Gish, Will Hutchinson, San Marcos
AAAAA: Ronak Desai, Jonas Thrasher-Evers, Lindale
AAAA: True Head, Matthew Hernandez, Athens
AAA: Paige Jennings, Rowan MacLeod, Mildred
AA: Selah Cline, Brett May, Saratoga: West Hardin
A: Cheyanna Petty, Brooklynn Petty, Roscoe: Highland

AAAAAA: Trey Gutierrez & Dylan Scott – Hendrickson
AAAAA: Ronak Desai & Anthony Wyatt – Lindale
AAAA: Katie Hodgkiss & Mason Remaley – Paris: North Lamar
AAA: Paige Jennings & Rowan MacLeod - Mildred
AA: Jared Everitt & Julia Harris - Cross Roads
A: Madi Cole & Katie Gray - Gail: Borden County

AAAAAA: Alejandro Castaneda & Mahnoor Faheem - Pflugerville: Hendrickson
AAAAA: Andrew Mao & Tajvir Singh - Lovejoy
AAAA: Garrett Holzwarth & Zach Huffman - Paris: North Lamar
AAA: Paige Jennings & Mary MacLeod – Mildred
AA: Caden Cox & Sarah Rains - Jewett: Leon
A: Madi Cole & Katie Gray - Borden County

No State Contest due to COVID-19

AAAAAA: Ralph Anderson & Natalie Stone - San Antonio: Churchill
AAAAA: Danielle Gu & Ian Poe - Austin LASA
AAAA: Zachary Jones & Joshua Smith - Lindale
AAA: Yashas Mallikarjun & Michael Xiang - SA BASIS Shavano
AA: Edgar Delgado & Riley Edens - Sudan
A: Ethan Acosta & Cuyler Crum - Springlake-Earth

AAAAAA: Cana Blanton & Natalie Stone - San Antonio Churchill
AAAAA: Sam Church & Alexandrea Huang - Austin LASA
AAAA: Jace Allen & Shreya Komire - Tuloso Midway
AAA: Yashas Mallikarjun & Ansh Jakatimath - SA BASIS Shavano
AA: Edgar Delgado & Riley Edens - Sudan
A: Jason Wyatt & Nicolas Tellez - Rankin

AAAAAA: Kalea Grant & Saanvi Seth - Lake Travis
AAAAA: Shauri Yedavalli & Isaiah Duvvuir - Hendrickson
AAAA: Liam Stayton & Eli Cochrane - Canyon
AAA: Luke Fehlis & Yash Saboo - SA BASIS Shavano
AA: Amir Sultan & Layne Morris - Ore City
A: Jaxon Wyatt & Nicolas Tellez - Rankin

AAAAAA: Kaden Carr & Venkat Danush Gade – Prosper Rock Hill
AAAAA: David Wise & Paari Palaani – Lucas Lovejoy
AAAA: Isaac Hoch & Cooper Rich - Athens
AAA: Mariska Khalikov & Maria Pelaez - SA BASIS Shavano
AA: Amir Sultan & Sadie Bonnett - Ore City
A: Randen Williams & Tyler Cole – Gail Borden County