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2023-2024 Broadcast Guidelines

Live video broadcasts of non-football athletic contests and football games on days other than Friday are permitted during the regular season.

In accordance with Section 868(c) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules, UIL member schools may permit the live video webcast of a regular season football game on a Friday night. Over-the-air television broadcasts of a regular season football game on a Friday night shall not be permitted unless already permitted by Section 868(c) PILOT PROGRAM. 

A video broadcast is defined as any live or tape-delayed video footage of a contest in its entirety that can be broadcast over any medium or channel. For these purposes a webcast is any video broadcast streamed over the internet.

Audio-only or radio broadcasts are permitted during the regular season.

Credential approval and accommodation is at the discretion of school administration and the hosting venue. Any negotiations regarding broadcasts are at the discretion of the school district and must be in compliance with UIL rules. All revenues generated belong to the entities involved in the agreement.

All video broadcasts must be in accordance with following:
  • School administration for both Home and Visiting teams must come to a mutual agreement to allow live video broadcasts.
  • Each team may have one video broadcast per game, with prior approval by school administration.
  • If school administration for both teams allow for the live video broadcast of a game, the host venue should make every attempt to accommodate both the Home and Visitor Team production crews. The Home team or host venue may not deny the Visitor team broadcast permissions on the basis of exclusivity agreements with a broadcasting entity. 
  • Video broadcasts may be on any media platform approved by the school.
  • All video broadcasts must adhere to UIL video broadcast guidelines and advertisement restrictions. 
UIL Broadcast General Guidelines

If providing announcers as part of the video broadcast, announcers should follow the following announcer guidelines:

  • Announcers must be competent and exhibit professionalism.
  • No dramatization shall be made of any unsportsmanlike conduct, incidents or displays on the part of the participants or fans.
  • There shall be no destructive criticisms of officials’ decisions.
  • No mention shall be made of injuries, unpreventable accidents, or other incidents which may cause any anxiety on the part of the viewers. 
Advertisement Restrictions

The following categories are prohibited during video broadcasts of any UIL activities:

  • Political announcements
  • Cigarettes or other tobacco product
  • Gambling services or venues
  • Sexual services or adult entertainment venues
  • Alcohol and firearms advertisements 

Alleged violations of these provisions fall under the jurisdiction of the District and State Executive Committees. Violations will be subject to the range of penalties listed in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules.