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OAP Updates and Notices

By Luis Muñoz, Theatre Director | Monday, April 06, 2015 1:48 PM

Correction to Page 101 of the Handbook

In the case of an unbreakable tie, the Contest manager shall determine the advancing schools by using the “Acting Judge’s” ballot. The higher ranking school on the acting judge’s ballot shall advance or be given the higher rank. The points for the tied schools are combined and divided equally. For example, if two schools are tied for the third advancing position, the points for advancing (15) and alternate (10) are combined (25) and divided between the two schools. Each one gets 12.5 points. The Spring Meet System cannot do this. The change will need to be done manually by the Academic Chair when determining the points. As of April 2, 2015, all Contest Managers have been asked to consult with the State Theatre Director when dealing with unbreakable ties.

Sending Scripts to Judges

Directors and Contest Managers should not send scripts to directors via any method that requires a signature from the recipient.  Per one judge "It's very frustrating when scripts come to my home while I am at work and cannot be present to receive and sign for them.  I then have to wait until the next day, in the case of USPS, before I can pick up the script and have to go to the post office to retrieve it.  In the case of FedEx, I have to try to get them at the end of the work day, which today is impossible for me, or they will attempt to deliver it tomorrow."

Set and Strike

This is a reminder that any "performance" or "choreography" used during setup will be considered part of the performance and possibly an adaptation of the work.  The architectural necessity waiver is there because of physical issues with the site not to create additional performance time or an opportunity for a "pre-show." This not a new rule.  The Contest Manager’s protocol is to:  1) Warn you to stop, 2) If you don't stop, they will start the clocks for performance at that time and 3) You will be reported to the State for possible ethical violations.

NEW Advancing Procedures

You will not be able to make changes to your cast, crew, directors, for Bi-District or Area via the Spring Meet Entry System.  We discovered a glitch that erases your changes when new schools are advanced.

You will need to use the Bi-District or Area Contestant Entry Form. The links can be found on the Zone/ District, Bi-District and Area web pages under "Advancing Info." They will go directly to the Bi-District Contest Manager. Try to get a screen capture or print it before you send it as it will not send you a confirmation. It is crucial that you input the correct e-mail for them. You will find instructions on the form.

State Honor Crew

Forms to apply for State Honor crew are posted on the State page of the UIL website. We would love to have you join us in May for several days of wonderful theatre.  Forms are there for teachers and students.